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Fear to Love Online Course


6 Weekly Recorded Modules From Elizabeth to Watch on Your Own (forever access) Worksheets/PDF’s from all of Elizabeth’s experience in life coaching, spirituality, and mental/emotional health.



Module 1 – Raising Your VIBE! Gratitude. Learning to meditate, breathe, practice mindfulness, and forgiveness.

Module 2 – Creating Space. Declutter your life – surroundings, relationships, and mind.

Module 3 – Creating a vision for your life and space for that vision. GET CLEAR! It’s time to clarify your vision. Vision board time! But not only vision boards. We are going to clarify values and life areas to keep you focused on the beautiful life you deserve. You will make your vision bigger than your fear and learn to value that vision over your fears.

Module 4 – Limiting Energy Vampires (low vibe people, thoughts, actions) so you can fly and identify and change unhelpful thinking patterns. Time to CHOOSE new beliefs and thoughts.

Module 5 – Making your plan of ACTION! Getting out of your comfort zone! Making physical and emotional/spiritual goals!

Module 6 – Becoming the person you want to be and then the most important (and sometimes most difficult) step, LETTING GO!”