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As I wake up this morning, I think of all the beautiful God Sightings I had during my Easter weekend. If nothing comes to mind when I try to think of a God Sighting, I think of a time where I received a warm feeling inside. This is also how you will know you had a God Sighting, so think back with me over the past couple of days when you felt God’s presence.  The goal is to share and raise our awareness of God all around us.

This weekend I got together with my family at my parent’s house. It was such a wonderful blessing to be able to see everyone. At the end of the day, it was getting cold outside, and I sat down to relax in a comfy, oversized chair. My husband sat down with me along with my parent’s dog, Gary. I received a sudden feeling of warmth and peace. I sat there and basked in this feeling, a God sighting for sure.


If I go in order, though, I have to bring up the lunar eclipse which occurred on Saturday morning. I missed the eclipse, but I know it was supposed to bring a new energy. On Saturday night, I went to a meditation center nearby. My niece, Myranda who is a senior in high school told me she wanted to go with me. I was thrilled! I had no idea she was interested in meditation. We went together and spoke of the experience afterwards. While driving home, we noticed the full moon and felt the new energy. The picture at the top of this post does not do this full moon justice. Together, Myranda and I made this night magical, a God sighting indeed.

This is my first post, and I was afraid. I was afraid I would not be able to come up with anything really good for my first “blogged” God Sightings! I am laughing to myself as I write this! The purpose of God Sightings is not to be huge, outrageous occurrences. It is about noticing the subtleties of life. Once I started writing, my God Sightings were so obvious! They were simple and perfect.  Yours are simple and perfect too.

I feel the need to mention one more thing that makes me laugh.  Laughter is another sign of God!  My husband and I have been married for a year, and he is a constant God Sighting as well. I had planned on wearing a yellow dress for Easter. I told my husband that we should get him a yellow shirt to match. I thought he would make fun of me, but he got excited at the idea! He made it sound like anyone would be crazy not to want to match ME! LOL! My husband makes me laugh, always makes life fun, and he gives me that feeling of warmth which I felt beside him on the big comfy chair.


My final picture is of Baker Memorial United Methodist church in Saint Charles, IL on Easter Sunday. My husband and I were married in this church. I love all churches, but this beautiful one is close to my heart. I always feel God Here.


So lets have a wonderful week, and please share your God Sightings below! I want to hear all about them!   Remember sharing your God Sightings will make them grow stronger in your life and others!  Also, please mention what change in energy the full moon brought to you.  There is nothing too small or subtle to mention below!

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