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What if there was an invisible force in The Universe that supported your well-being?  

I had this defining moment in college when I realized that I was in a secret battle against everyone I knew.  I was taking in a lot of alcohol and other drugs and chemicals at the time to stop the internal chatter that was happening inside my mind.  After a night of working hard at drinking heavily in order to stop the internal chatter, I realized what I was doing.  I was searching for a place in my mind where I liked myself and where other people liked me.  After drinking heavily, I could reach it for about a second at the end of the night before passing out.  But man, that was a lot of work and not a lot of reward.  It finally occurred to me that maybe I could simply start thinking that maybe people are for me and not against me.  Maybe people actually wanted me to succeed.  Maybe people were actually thinking good things about me.  And maybe it started with me thinking good things about myself.

And what if you could connect with that force simply by connecting to the parts of others who want you to thrive?  

I did not have to say anything.  I did not have to do anything.  I simply had to start with a deeper Love for myself, and from that place connect with the parts of people who actually loved me and wanted good things for me.  Didn’t that make more sense?  Most of the people I had contact with were my friends.  They were my friends for a reason.  There was something about me that they liked.  And there was something about them that I liked.  Even if we had weird, awkward, or confusing moments, the bigger picture here was one of Love.  Why was I choosing to fight against judgments instead?  I simply had to remember that my friends were for me.  

And what if doing so, also helped others to thrive?  

The mystic, Neville Goddard said that everyone in your life is you pushed out.  Meaning everyone you see is a mirror of what is inside of you.  So when you notice the parts of others who want you to thrive, that is because you are noticing the parts of yourself that want you to thrive. And when you choose to connect with the part of others who support your wellbeing, you mirror this back to others.  In turn, you support other’s wellbeing.  As you improve, the world improves.  

What if you let go of the parts of others who don’t want the best for you?

Someone sent me a post the other day about putting up walls around your spirit.  The idea of the post was to be selective of what you allow into your Being.  The post said if it’s not hopeful, don’t dwell on it.  

People can say many unhelpful things.  Sometimes it’s people we love.  And sometimes they say these things at the perfect time to trigger us.  This is where our life lessons lie.  Are you going to dwell on the unhelpful things others (sometimes unknowingly) say, or are you going to let them go?

If my husband is reading this, he is totally going to call me out.  I can be really good at dwelling on the unhelpful things people say.  As an empath, sometimes I am appalled by how others can be so ignorant to the effect of their words, actions, and energy on others.  My energy can get swallowed up by this.  And then I can dwell there a while.  Meanwhile the person who caused my grief is totally fine with herself.  She is not affected.  Her energy remains strong, while it feels mine was put through a shredder.

This is actually how a lot of my life has felt.  It leaves me a victim of the world I see.

But as A Course in Miracles says, “I am not a victim of the world I see.”  

This is where the prayer comes in, please God help me to see this person/situation differently.

Here comes the armor of God.

After I put my armor on (picture a super hero who found her costume and is now flying above the drama), I can see that there is a part of that person’s true essence who wants the best for me.  I see that she can’t really see how she affects me, and that is just how she is wired.  That has nothing to do with me.

The true me wants the best for her too (even if I choose not to be around her often, because it’s still okay to have boundaries).  And then I feel freed up to be the best person that I know how to be, and I can literally feel the angels pushing me from behind.

This is transcendence.  When the person who you thought was holding you back now lifts you up.  And it was all an internal shift.  All you had to do was choose again.

Inner Peace,