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Captain Fisher (कॅप्तीन फिशर )

Let’s face it, life is hectic. I mean, do we even have time to read a blog? My hope is that this blog empowers YOU to bring peace to your own life. When you feel peace and share it, it helps us all to feel it. We need to take time for a little peace.

I always tell my clients in therapy that I want them to be able to apply what we do in therapy to their everyday lives. I want the same for this blog. I want you to think of it, apply it, and share your experience. If you let it, I believe it can change your life.

How do we remember to look for signs of God during our hectic days?  We need to remind ourselves! Do whatever it takes. Put pop-up reminders in your phone or computer calendar. This is what I do, and it works. I always receive the exact right message at the exact right time.

Motivational speaker and spiritual teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein, reminds us to “invite spirit into every area of your life”. You can substitute spirit for God, or any other word with which you are comfortable. Some examples are: My Highest Self, The Divine, Holy Spirit, Light, Peace, or Love! There is nothing wrong with inviting love or peace into everything you do. In fact, there is everything RIGHT about it!

Sometimes I like to use the term “Spirit” or “Holy Spirit”. The Holy Spirit is “The Comforter” according to The Bible and other spiritual texts. There have been many times in my life when I longed for the Holy Spirit’s voice. I will talk later about how I learned to hear that voice.

So do what it takes this week to give yourself reminders to think of God, or love, or peace. Search for inspirational quotes that will keep you focused on your goal of connecting with spirit in your daily life.  Some examples are:

“Invite spirit into every area of your life.” Gabby Bernstein
“Look for God.”
“The universe has your back.”
“I expect miracles” from A Course in Miracles

And share with others so we can all feel the love! Just one response on this blog makes me feel like I’m floating on air! To think that we are in this journey toward inner peace together is a feeling like no other. You will feel it too. It is too exciting for words! Let us know by responding below what kind of inspirational quote leads you toward inner peace.

Peace and love,


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Flickr Creative Commons:  Siddhesh Mangela, Captain Fisher (कॅप्तीन फिशर )
Man Walking towards ocean, https://www.flickr.com/photos/siddacool/11885021954/in/photolist-j7eQXC-cGbYZq-2nCJXR-qTSfo1-6bdQtk-3bTASn-f4ozjP-qD6DKp-342jhx-ofWJDm-4qFggf-8Pomnt-8vBVYM-brkMRR-8vBWcM-qXtQSK-qYW77Z-nyggzd-5ZMjZx-e5k4Fc-mFuLtH-8jKtMq-292Duc-5ytZQw-9Uz3cg-47KB3a-xPuKc-at2r2t-9sdfq8-a2XGrt-8RA4ev-4it7xr-A8zQK-5xuJuw-o8UJ5v-9DVReQ-ecw6Dm-qXMS7X-daHV29-cWhwUw-GiXZq-cadkCj-8vEXmG-9nMEfr-FUrKP-6WMGPk-5XaSpm-9NEtYQ-33fGbC-9M2DZZ.