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“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”

A Course in Miracles

This over 1,000 page book is summarized in the introduction with the above quote.  How do you feel when you read that quote?  To me, it invokes a sense of fear.  If nothing real can be threatened, that means nothing in this physical world is real?

EVERYTHING in the physical world can be threatened.  NOTHING here lasts.  My body and all my loved one’s bodies will one day be gone.  How can telling me that these things are not real be “the peace of God”?

I am reminded of a book I read by Marianne Williamson in which she speaks about how fear doesn’t last.  In her book, The Law of Divine Compensation, she says, “I’ve learned that the products of fear do not permanently stand”.  Well, isn’t that true?  Anything I have ever feared has passed.  Everything I have ever worried about is now gone.

Have you ever quit a job?  You walk out that day, and all those day-to-day fears and worries you had disappear.  They are so unimportant.  You almost can’t remember why you cared.  The same thing applies to all of your worries today. They will be dust in the wind tomorrow.

So what DOES last?  What does withstand it all?  Love lasts.  I can always find love.  My love never left me.  If I can see past everything here that appears to be real, I find stillness.  Wait a minute!  Any other time when I found stillness, I also found peace.  There it is, “The Peace of God”.

So now, when I read the quote with which we started, I feel peaceful.  The fear is gone.  Because fear doesn’t last.  The only thing I am left with is The Peace of God.  After all, everything else was taken away.  My fear was as fragile as my body.  Neither will withstand the test of time.

So let’s put our fears behind us and focus on the love that is real.  Imagine your life without fear.  What would be different?  What would you say and do knowing you had nothing to lose and everything to win?  Or what have you already accomplished after ridding yourself of fear?  Get in on the conversation and post below!  I can’t wait to hear from you!  Remember your post helps others, so we can all only win here.

I guess I’ll start while you are thinking of what you want to write.  After ridding myself of fear, I started this blog.  I was hesitant to even speak of “God Sightings” for fear of what people would think.  But then I found God’s voice.  I got inspired. And I just did it.  If I had no more fear, I would stay in this love-mindset and stop worrying about the little things.  I believe if I continue to lose the fear, the sky will be my limit. And I believe the same for you.

Peace, Love, and NO FEAR


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Photo Credit:  flickr creative commons: Elías Hernández Calle, Imagine
Strawberry Fields Memorial en Central Park, un jardín dedicado a la memoria de John Lennon.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/artfolio/2512334908/in/photolist-4Q1nD7-NqoUQ-mfodj5-dPdEb1-mfmYnP-mfo6LA-5sVduq-cqBgLS-cqBifY-2NZeLV-7k4zf-dXnDM7-7k4ze-4uz4Bm-4L4ESP-5SJPAZ-F4bpe-4hCoEo-a5aDTA-3ombX3-7oCLDy-7oCJVY-7oCKEW-7oCMtS-4L4E4n-4hCfhm-cY5bq3-4hCg3b-4hyimc-4hCp9W-F4bp4-6kTunc-KpQhn-4PsU16-ca7Y4u-aAL79V-85mu4m-az4Ggv-63s6fY-eC1ite-85iktr-85iksT-qY22p-qY1Zf-j8sqN-4zq1CM-5fq1Fp-6Kp6TN-mgAbUv-eAA56