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“All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing.”  A Course In Miracles

My husband recently told me that I need to “lighten up”. I just bursted out laughing as I am writing this. He is not the only one who has ever told me that. I have had the habit throughout my life of taking things too seriously. If you have multiple people in your life telling you the same thing, it is time to listen.

So yes, let’s “lighten up” today. A spiritual life is a light life. It is a simple life. It is a life full of love and light. It is not a life of misery, anger, or fear.

I want to invite you to visualize something with me:

You are walking outside in the most amazing place you have ever seen. As you walk, you look down and see a golden brick walkway. It’s almost as if you are Dorothy in Oz walking down the yellow brick road. But these bricks are made of actual gold. They shine and sparkle.

It is beautiful here like a storybook. There are deep green trees with bright red berries. There are also trees with shining yellow lemons and the most orange oranges you have ever seen! The sky is a magnificent blue. There are purple flowers that actually glisten like glitter in the sun! The temperature is perfect.

Suddenly, you realize something. You are carrying an enormous backpack with you full of heavy, dirty bricks. ICK! Your body aches as you carry the weight of this backpack on your shoulders. The weight causes you to hunch your back and look at the ground. You can’t even see the gorgeous scenery anymore. You forget about the beauty around you. All you can think about is these bricks.

Then you hear a quiet voice say: “lay down the bricks”. This has never occurred to you before. As you look at the gorgeous brick road on which you are walking, you see there are some bricks missing. You realize you could lay your bricks down in the sidewalk.

Imagine the load of bricks you carry on your back are all the worry, fear, guilt, and anger that you carry around with you in your life. These things weigh you down. You can’t sense the beauty around you when you are preoccupied with all these things. You have carried these bricks forever. Can you really lay them down?

You decide to try it. You are worried about letting the bricks go at first. You take one out of the backpack and look at it as you try to decide what to do. You are afraid to leave it there. You feel fearful and guilt-ridden about letting it go.

You have a strange desire. You give the brick a kiss! When you do this, the part you kissed turns to gold. Then you lay it in the sidewalk, and the entire brick turns gold! The brick is better off without you and you without it!

You have a burst of energy. As you lay all the bricks down one by one, you watch them all turn to gold. You feel so much love in your heart knowing that you can lay down all your fears and worries and see them transform into something beautiful before your eyes!

Now all the bricks are gone. You lay down the backpack, and you are light as air. You start skipping down the road like a child. You can see all the beautiful scenery now. What you didn’t notice before was that there are angels all around you as well. That was an angel that whispered in your ear to lay down the bricks. The angels were there all along. You just finally listened.

You can return to this wonderful place anytime. You just have to find a quiet place in your heart where you can hear the angels talking to you. They do not yell. They do not scream. They do not force themselves on you.

Lay down your bricks with me today! Watch them transform into something beautiful as you let them go. Do something to lighten your load. In order to lead a spiritual life, you need “lighten up”. Do not take things so seriously. Skip. Jump. Laugh. Connect with spirit.

I went outside today. I walked on a nature trail and laughed with my sister. My husband and I bought a beautiful blue birdbath for our backyard. I am sitting in my backyard looking at it as I write this.

images bird mine

These are the ways I lightened up. Tell me below the small things you do to lighten up. Post pictures if you want! I want to see and hear about everything that helps keep your energy light and connected to spirit.

As A Course in Miracles Says,

images cim

Peace, Love, and Beautiful Golden Bricks,


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Yellow Brick Road Picture by:  airdiogo, Flickr Creative Commons

Course in Miracles Image:  http://www.acim.org/weekly_thoughts/index.html


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