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(If you play the video while you read the post, it creates more meaning ;))

I have mentioned how my husband and I believe we can relate everything to The Beatles. In this post I am going to attempt to show how the Beatles are connected to my spiritual path. Feel free in the comments section below to let me know if I was successful. 🔮

As my husband makes me watch 8 different versions of the recording of the Beatles song “Help” (the promo version verses the movie version), he thinks I don’t care. I kind of don’t.  Not in the way he wants me to at least. (He’s going to kill me when he reads this! Lol!)
As I watch and listen, I feel something. I feel a meaning that resinates throughout my body. I have learned so much about John, Paul, George, and Ringo that I FEEL them when they sing.

George is by far my favorite. I talked before how I connect to his spirituality and longing to know God. I risk sounding like a crazy screaming teenage girl when I say, I feel a soul connection to George.

I never felt hugely connected to Paul or Ringo. I have now seen them both live in concert. The tears I feel when I see them live are a sign of truth. The connection is eternal.

John Lennon is the member of this Fab Four who really intrigues me. He wrote the song “Help” because he was going through a hard time and needed help.


The documentary “All Together Now” is about The Beatles Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil Show “Love” (a very spiritual experience if you haven’t seen it). In this documentary George Martin, The Beatles producer, talks about how hard John Lennon was on himself. George said he always had to reel John in to what was realistic.

George Martin said John’s voice was so amazing, but John didn’t like it. John Lennon was never satisfied with what he did, according to George Martin. George said John Lennon looked at him one day and said: “We should do it all over. I think we could do it better.”


I love John Lennon’s voice. It bothers me that he didn’t like it. I know John was a complete goofball at times, but I associate a certain amount of emotional pain to John. I could never put my finger on it. It isn’t only due to the horror of how he was murdered but also something about how he lived.


I feel a certain connection to John. Maybe it is the therapist in me, my life experiences, or just the person I am, but I connect to his pain. George Martin talks about how they put this song, Julia, in the show. John longed for his mother, Julia.


I mentioned how my connection to John’s pain almost scares me. It seems that this pain John awakes in me is deep in my past. It is faint, something I let go a very long time ago.

After all, I made the decision to let this pain go. My life choices show it. I married Paul McCartney’s soul connection, the happiest man on the planet! This is the best decision I ever made.

There is still a part of me drawn to the pain that John Lennon and George Harrison write about in songs such as “Hide Your Love Away” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. This is a beautiful part of who I am. I can enjoy it in the music but I don’t have live it anymore. I have placed the pain where it belongs, in Strawberry Fields, Forever.

George Harrison’s widow, Olivia, said the show Love was physically very unsatisfying, but spiritually very satisfying. You can tell she is George’s wife. George Harrison was very much into spirituality and meditation. The show made Olivia physically miss her husband so much that she wanted to pull him down off the stage to be with her.

Olivia’s statement exemplifies our physical world. We will never be physically satisfied here. Nothing here lasts. The spiritual world holds the only true salvation.


But here lies our path. We are in the physical world. Through meditation, prayer, and seeing the divine in all living things, we can reach that very satisfying spiritual realm. We also can enjoy what we have in this physical world now.



FINALLY…what about the music? What music speaks to you? I will forgive you if it is not the Beatles! 😉 (My husband may not.) Sometimes you hear a song so beautiful that time stands still. God is there when time is still. He is always in the stillness. This song is God’s gift to you.

Is music eternal? I think it is. It lives after the composer dies. It’s there whether you think about it or not. It is part of the divine. It will not die. It lives in your soul. And no one can take it away.


Post below what songs make time stand still for you. These songs bring us peace and show us God.



image john lennon Creative Commons Attribuzione 2.5 Italia License

Creative Commons Attribuzione 2.5 Italia License

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