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“God is lonely without his sons, and they are lonely without him.”                                                                             A Course In Miracles



About ten years ago I was deeply struggling with something. I felt I had been given a raw deal. It did not seem fair. Through prayer I desperately asked God for help. I was so hopeless and helpless, because I felt God was not answering. If he was, I could not hear him. We were worlds away.

One night I was very upset. I was speaking with my mom trying to convince her how bad I had it, when I experienced something. I heard a faint voice from within that demanded to be heard: “My child, there is no problem.” I was transformed immediately. It was a miracle.

In that moment I realized that in the past I was praying for the wrong thing. I had felt that God was not answering me. The fact was I was not speaking his language.

I was like a spoiled brat screaming that I wanted my parents to give me something. My parents were not giving me what I wanted, because they knew it would hurt me if I had it. God was my parent looking out for my own best interest.

I had felt so much pain and darkness.  In reality, I was wandering around in the dark demanding to be seen but refusing to flip the light switch. A Course In Miracles says that when a child is having a nightmare, the parent turns on the light in the child’s room to wake the child. The child then realizes the nightmare is not real. It is gone.

In that instant when God spoke to me, he turned the light on my nightmare. I realized the reason God had not fixed my problem was because there was no problem to be fixed. If God would have fixed what I perceived as a “problem” in my world, he would not have fixed anything. He would have made the problem bigger. He would have kept me in the dark by telling me my nightmare was real. In reality a nightmare was all it was. There was only beauty and perfection where I was seeing monsters and horror.

A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a shift in perception from fear to love. Any time your perception switches to love, you have experienced a miracle! Do we dare also call it a God Sighting? I do!

God Sightings are not only outside of you, but they are inside of you too. The key is to remember to ask. I like to ask the Holy Spirit. He is the “comforter” according The Bible. He’s my man. 😏 I love The Holy Spirit. 👼

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The next time you are experiencing fear or hate or any other uncomfortable emotion, ask the Holy Spirit for help! Say: “Holy Spirit please help me to see this situation (person) differently.” Then allow it to happen. When you let the Holy Spirit shift your perception from fear to love, you will experience God Sightings. Put THAT in your pop-up reminders on your calendar today!

We all need to program our brains to think of God. After all, “God is lonely without his sons, and they are lonely without him.” There are so many distractions in this world that are really not important. You do not want to live your life making the nightmare real. You want to experience the peace and love and miracles.

Now get out there and SIGHT GOD!

Thank God for his miracles by sharing yours below. Tell me of any shift of perceptions you have experienced that caused you to feel more love.

Peace, Love, and Miracles,



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