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(Calendar by Louise Hay)

I set the intention each morning to reach the peace, love, and God in every person and situation throughout my day. Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes it is quite hard. I wrote about so many instances of where I found love this week on my new Facebook blog page. Check them out here! https://www.facebook.com/elizabethcermakgodsightings

It might seem selfish to try to suck the love out of every person you meet! But it isn’t! It actually is quite the opposite. When you can feel and notice the love in someone, that gives that person the permission to feel it in themselves. Love is not a limited commodity on this planet. It is not physical. You can’t steal it. You can’t use it up. When you find it, you can’t help but to share it.

Set the intent to feel the love from everything. I felt it this week at work, at the Toyota dealership, at the grocery store. The more I felt it, the more I gave it to others.

The love is there. It is in all of us. Sometimes it is just blocked by things such as stress, fear, anger, exhaustion, or even physical illness. But what if we all still tried, despite these things, to find the love everywhere? We could change the world!

I must say, I even found the love this week in a new tree my husband and I planted for Earth Day. We are so excited about this tree, and thinking about it makes me feel the love.


The fact is, we can change our brain chemistry by focusing on love instead of fear. It takes effort. It doesn’t make everything perfect. But it makes difficult things easier.

If you want a beauty tip, feel the love from within. You will shine from the inside and instantly be beautiful. Love yourself and tell yourself this everyday. DO IT!

As the week ends, of course my husband and I are listening to The Beatles. Is it possible The Beatles were onto something when they said: “Love is all you need”?


Love IS all we need. God help us find the love. Help us feel the love. Help us be the love. And help us share the love.

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P.S.  My niece went to her senior prom.  Can you feel the love in this picture?


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