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I struggle.  I struggle with demons of past pain.  I experience the exhaustion that accompanies anxiety and guilt.  I struggle with feelings of anger.  I’m human.  We all struggle in one way or another.

This weekend was the best weekend I have had in a long time. It had nothing at all to do with my outside circumstances. The fact is my inner circumstances changed. I prayed more, I waited more, I believed more, I loved more, and I accepted more.

Here’s how I prayed more:  A Course in Miracles says a miracle is a change of perception.  When a feeling of past pain or future anxiety haunted me, I prayed. I prayed for God to correct my perception of the situation.

Here’s how I waited more:  My prayers were always answered. That change of perception always came. It took patience and an opened mind. I tell my clients that uncomfortable feelings have a beginning, middle, and an end.  The middle is the worst. Sometimes you have to wait for a healthier perspective. In the mean time, do things that bring you closer to God and not further from him.

Try hugging or kissing a loved one:

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Here’s how I believed more:  I had faith in divine compensation.  I knew the universe had my back. I meditated. I went to church. I read inspirational books. I would lie if I said my faith never wavered, but I always believed things can change. I looked for the good in others. I gave less power too the bad.


Here’s how I loved more: In the book: The Law Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles, Marianne Willamson says: “The Universe will immediately reprogram itself to send us miracles when we remove the barriers to our willingness to love.” How do we remove these barriers to love? Forgive!  I worked on forgiving the small things. This forgiveness brings the freedom only God can know.

Here’s how I accepted more: There are things I do not like. There are circumstances I wish were different. I give these circumstance to God. I ask him to heal my perception. This always brings acceptance in one form or another. Acceptance is the final destination. It involves praying, waiting, believing, and loving. It takes courage. But in the end, it is transforming.

My point is, you have to TRY. It is not always easy. But God is waiting. A Course in Miracles says God is lonely without his children. He is waiting for you to count your blessings. He is waiting for you to transform your life. He is waiting for you to laugh. He is waiting for you to find him through loving others. He is waiting for you to dance, skip, and jump your way to his lighter thoughts.

God loves you. Your faith in him wavered, but his faith in you never did. He knows of the magical things you are capable of accomplishing. If you chose to look the other way, it doesn’t mean God left. He’s still there. You just have to look again. You just have to pray, wait, believe, love, and accept your way back to him. He will give you a life of miracles if you do.

Share below any God Sightings you had over the weekend. Please share any inner transformation you experienced. What are things you do to get closer to God?

Love, Peace, God, and Inner Transformation,

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