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“My God Sighting today was seeing a flag on my brother-in-law’s (Pearl Harbor Survivor) grave.”  My mom



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When I started writing this post today, it was not about Memorial Day.  I found myself going down a totally different path as I realized the pain I was supposed to feel.  What a relief it was.  It was simple and easy yet hard.  It was obvious yet hidden.   I even had a completely different quote with which to start until I logged on and saw my mom’s comment above.  Thank you mom.  We are all connected.  Here is my post..


If anyone saw my Facebook page today (https://www.facebook.com/elizabethcermakgodsightings), you saw that I was fighting the God Sightings this morning. Today is a national holiday, Memorial Day. Memorial Day is when our country honors all of those who died in active military service.

I woke up this morning and tried to work. I attempted to see a client, but there was a mix-up.  I couldn’t see that client. I tried to go to an aerobics class, and the teacher did not show up. I tried to get my car serviced, and it was closed. I heard the message loud and clear. God was telling me to go home and take the day off.

A while ago I ordered a “Miracles Now” bundle from Gabby Bernstein. It included: her book “Miracles Now,” a 62 card deck with miracle messages, and a 30 day miracle message email subscription. Today her email said: “I can release ancient pain simply by feeling it.” I acknowledged the message’s importance, but I did not feel a strong connection to me today. I went about my business and quite frankly forgot about the message.

Later on I saw the card deck on my desk. I was not even thinking about the email message. I thought I would give the card deck a try to see if The Universe had anything to tell me. I shuffled the cards and listened for an intuition of when to stop. Which card did I pull out? “I can release ancient pain simply by feeling it.” I had a 1 out of 62 chance of pulling that card out of the deck. That is a 1.6% chance. I did the math.


I do not believe that was coincidence. I actually do not believe in coincidences. God is speaking to me today. He is not whispering. He is speaking loud and clear. I think it is time I listen to his message the first time.

Even if we do not listen to God’s messages the first time, we will hear it eventually. He will make sure. Life would just be easier and simpler if we could learn to listen the first time. We could save ourselves time and pain.

I did go home today. I feel I found the peace I was meant to find. My mom posted a picture of my uncle’s grave on Facebook. That might seem strange, but my uncle was a pearl harbor survivor. He has a flag and flowers on his grave today for Memorial Day.

This picture triggered a very strong memory for me. I was very close to my uncle. I used to go around to cemeteries with him as a small child on Memorial Day. As a member of the Veterans of Foreign War, he would make sure all the veterans had flags on their graves for Memorial Day. The moment I saw the picture of his grave, I connected to the feeling I had as a child with my uncle on Memorial Day in the cemeteries.

The feeling was one of joy and peace. I know it seems strange to feel that in a cemetery, and I was not aware of it at the time. It was just life with my uncle on Memorial Day. Life was good. Today, the older Me could connect to that small child and tell her to enjoy these moments in the cemetery.

I am so thankful for the memories and the peaceful feelings I have in connection to this day. I also needed time today to feel my ancient pain, as Gabby Bernstein’s messages were telling me. I miss my uncle. Sometimes I forget. But if I allow myself to feel the pain of missing him, I can move through it and realize he is right here with me.

I am in my angel garden as I type this, and I feel his presence. I love you Uncle Buddy. I know you are an angel in my garden. Your soul and mine are walking in peace in all the cemeteries today.

uncle buddy

Peace, love, and cemeteries,


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