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My niece, Myranda, just graduated from high school. I wanted to write this post for her. When you read it, try to think of a person in your life who ignited your light. The first person who comes to your mind is the one. That person is a gift to you (and to the world) from God. Share any comments below about who this is for you.

Myranda was born in 1996. She was truly a gift to me and the world. I say to me first, because I view her as my gift. But more importantly, her light shines for the world.11289578_10206121346248925_7759165611934266673_o

She was a gift to me from day one, but there was one instant (“the holy instant” per A Course in Miracles) when I knew she was sent to me from God. I was in my mid-twenties, and she was around 6 years old. I was struggling in a lot of areas in my life. I was trying to make the right decisions, but it seemed very difficult.

One weekend, I went with my mom, brother, and two nieces to a family reunion in Southern Illinois. I stayed in a hotel room with my brother and nieces. Myranda wanted to sleep in the same bed as me.

I did not sleep very well that night. I had a lot on my mind. But something happened that brought me to that holy instant. Myranda’s little teeny tiny hand reached out for me. I looked at that hand and knew my life was saved.

Suddenly I had a new direction. If I had a little precious hand reaching out for me in the night, how could I not be present to take it? If I had a little girl watching and learning from my actions, how could I continue to hurt myself? I had to start taking care of myself so I can take care of her. If my decisions harm me, then she will learn to make decisions that harm her. This is not an option.

Myranda did not know that she saved my life that night, but she did. She continued to be my light for the next 12 years. Her strength to this very moment is beyond my wildest dreams. I never knew anyone so closely related to me could be so calm, cool, and collected.  She is 20 years younger than me, and she has taught me so much. She awakened a strength in me I never knew was possible.

Thank you God for sending Myranda’s light to me and the world.  I am forever in awe at how perfect life is.


Myranda, the light in you ignites the light in me.

Our light shines forever.

Peace, Love, and Light,


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