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I am noticing a theme in my spiritual lessons. Sonia Choquette (spiritual teacher) posted on Facebook about finding “joy in the mundane”. I also have a favorite quote from Albert Einstein: “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind”. I was thinking about the words “monotony” and “mundane”. They seem like such negative words, but in these quotes they are used in a positive way.

I looked up the definitions:

Mundane – adjective 1. lacking interest or excitement; dull. 2. of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.

Monotony – noun 1. lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine. 2. sameness of pitch or tone in a sound or utterance.

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I do not think anyone wants to describe themselves as mundane or monotonous. I admit, at first glance, I do not think I want someone to describe me that way! I think Sonia and Albert are brave to think in a different way. It is not the norm. I dare to say that I believe most people would just shrug off these statements and go on creating the opposite of the mundane in their lives.

Depressed people feel they cannot handle the mundane experiences of everyday life. People are always trying to escape the monotony of life.  You even see it on tv shows. In The Sopranos the younger guy (Chris) talks about how he can’t face the regular-ness of everyday life anymore. He’s depressed.

I confess, I remember one time telling a friend at work that I was so sick of the daily task of putting on socks. My friend was taking a drink of soda at the time I made this statement and needless to say, the soda came through her nose. We both laughed so hard at my ridiculous statement!

But I was serious! Spring was coming, and I was ready for sandals. I found the task of putting on socks very monotonous. I was sick of it and didn’t want to do it anymore.

Now take my sock statement to the extreme. Seriously depressed people can get so tired of the monotony of life that they don’t want to do it anymore. What if, as a society, we learned to find JOY in the monotony of things instead?

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I believe we could save the world if this happened! If everyone choose to find joy in the monotony of life, no one would be depressed. “According to the world health organization, depression is the number one cause of days lost to disability in middle and high income countries and will be number one globally by 2030.” (http://www.alexianbrothershealth.org/upload/docs/ABBHH/ABBHH_Professional_Education_Program_Guide_2015_1_REV_Final.pdf). Is this disturbing to anyone else?

If we could learn to find joy in the mundane, I believe there would be no more substance abuse, no more compulsive spending, or other compulsive behaviors. I believe there would be a reduction in medical problems due to stress, overeating, and mostly anything. We would get along better in a society that acknowledges and recognizes God Sightings and miracles.

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Albert Einstein recognized that a monotonous life stimulates the creative mind. The more relaxed and stress-free we are, the more creative avenues open and welcome our entrance. Monotony does not have to equal boredom. True bliss comes from joy in monotony. Albert Einstein bravely and boldly used the word “monotonous” to describe his life. This is ALBERT EINSTEIN we are talking about. He was proud to have a “monotonous” life!
My husband said that when we first met, he loved the way I got excited about little things. He said I would talk about how I love to get coffee or go to the grocery store. I would talk about how I liked to be “comfy cozy” on my couch. When my husband reminded me of these things I said, I thought I sounded like a complete dork! But it is what made him fall in love (he says).

Who wouldn’t want to be with someone who finds joy in the mundane? It actually makes life less mundane, if that makes sense. So I am going to say it. I am mundane and proud. I am creating more monotony in my life in order to stimulate my creative mind.

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Please comment below on how you find joy in the monotony.

Love, Peace, and Monotony,


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