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I recently posted this on my Facebook page:  “If I look for love in the day, I find it. If I look for fear and aggravation, I find it. My day, my choice.”

In the past week or two my spiritual practice has grown immensely. I finally am experiencing what I always knew: what you give to the universe, the universe gives back to you. I KNEW it, but I am experiencing it like never before.

One of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now cards says: “I start my day with love”. So I began to consciously start my day with love. I don’t just read it. I don’t just say it. I DO it. The first thing I do when I open my eyes is concentrate on my love for my husband. It’s my own private ritual. He doesn’t even know I am doing it. It gets my head in the game to find all the love I can in the day.

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God wants us to know and feel love. He wants our thoughts and feelings to be of love. That is all he wants. Love is all you need. Anything that does not involve love, you can leave behind.

You can start your day concentrating your love on another person, or you can concentrate on self-love. You can also concentrate on love of nature, of animals, or of your children. You can concentrate on love of God. It is your choice.

When you focus on something, you make it grow. What do you want to grow in your life? Love, peace, God? Or do you want pain, misery, anxiety, and fear to grow?

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Have you ever become overly focused on fear or anxiety? I have! The more you focus on the, the more it grows. It can seem unbearable at times!

In the book Mindfulness, Meditaton, and Mind Fitness by Levey & Levey, the authors speak of how peace, joy, and love are actually our natural states of existence. Our mind just gets overwhelmed by the external noise which creates the unnatural states of tension and anxiety.

This gave me an entirely new way of looking at things. Love, peace, and joy are my natural states of existence! That is good news! These are the feelings I want, so these are the feelings on which I will put my energy.

What is weird is the more I put my energy on love, I find it everywhere. It creates moments of feeling in-sync with the universe. It creates God Sightings. I am now aware of what I wasn’t before. I am experiencing the truth of what only a clear and calm mind can reach.



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It is true what I said in the beginning that if you focus on the love in the day, you will find it. If you focus on fear and aggravation, you will find it. One of the places where you can focus your love is on your job.

There is an affirmation by Louise Hay that says: “My job is a peaceful haven. I put love in every corner, and my job lovingly responds with warmth and comfort.” I found this to be so true. If I put my energy on where the love is in my job, it responds to me only with love. The love is what needs my energy, nothing else.

Did you hear that? NOTHING else. The fear does NOT need your energy. The aggravation does NOT need your energy. It is your day, so it is your choice.

I am putting love out into the world. In turn, I am finding peace and comfort everywhere. I finally have experienced what The Beatles sang to us so sweetly: All you need is love.

So join me!  Start your day with love!  Put your love out there and see what you get back!  Please share with me below what you find.  I can’t wait.


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Peace, Love, and More Love,


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