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The Universe supports your beliefs. If you believe you are not worthy, The Universe will agree with you. If you believe you are ugly, The Universe will tell you so. If you believe you will never have money, The Universe will prove you right. If you are confused, The Universe will show you chaos.

I have been listening to Louise Hay’s book on CD, You Can Heal Your Life. She is all about positive affirmations. She suggests repeating statements such as: “I approve of myself” multiple times out loud all day long. She recommends looking in the mirror and telling yourself how beautiful you are and about the wonderful things you are doing.

Louise recommends not talking about how you wish things will be one day. That will keep what you want always in the future just beyond your reach. Instead she suggests talking about things as if they are happening now: “I am attracting positive experiences into my life.”

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I had a recent experience where I confused The Universe. Due to Louise’s book, I got clear about what I wanted, and The Universe gave it to me FAST. The Law of Divine Compensation is very clear cut.

My experience had to do with a meditation class I wanted to put together. I knew I wanted to teach this class, but I doubted myself. My ego was telling me I was not good enough. Who did I think I was? I was not perfect, so I was in no position to teach this class. I better wait until I have no stress and life is perfect.

I knew all these thoughts were lies, but they were strong. I was letting these messages hold me back. I moved through the fear and decided to start advertising anyway. I put together an internet ad. Right before I posted it, I freaked out and said to my husband: “What if I get too many people?” When he told me I would be fine, I quickly came back with: “What if I get NO people?”

Talk about confusion! As soon as I said those words out loud, I KNEW I was sending the universe mixed messages. Guess what happened? No one signed up.

So I meditated. I also was listening to Doreen Virtue who said thoughts go out into the universe like little bubbles. I started putting thoughts out there that were sincere and from my heart. I imagined the thought bubbles going out and reaching those people who would connect with and benefit from my meditation class. I could feel it happening. It was like a subtle and alive feeling I would get in my body and mind. Just thinking about it now gives me chills and almost makes me feel like I am going to cry…a sign of truth.

One day I was sitting in the angel garden working on an advertisement. I came inside and said out loud to my husband: “People are signing up now.” No one had signed up, but I knew it was happening. And what do you know? That day I heard from three people. The class is now in less than a week, and I have more people signed up than I even dreamed.

I am not scared anymore. The class is amazing. It is successful. I have already connected with these people for an awesome experience. The love is there, and it has already risen us up. It will continue to do so beyond my expectations.

Do it with me this week. Say out loud what you want as a present moment experience: “My life is blessed.”

The Universe will believe you, guaranteed.

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Love, Peace, And Universal Agreements,


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