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One of the things that has helped me feel closest to God this summer is being in my garden. There is something about flowers blooming and growing that gives me a relaxed yet alive feeling throughout my entire body.

I remember when I lived in my apartment a few years ago, I had flowers growing on my balcony. I worked as a school counselor at the time, and I had the summers off. My job was very stressful. The peace I would feel from summer coming and taking care of those flowers outside was something I carried with me.

I was very worried about my health at the time I lived in my apartment. It was the renewal of the summer that always gave me faith. There was something about seeing a flower grow that connected me to the healing power of my body.

I connected to the LIFE in the flower. The flower grew and changed and healed itself. As long as I watered it, it did what it needed to do. I always felt that if I left my body to do its own thing, my body would heal too. And it did.

It’s amazing what stress can do to a body. I read somewhere that 95% of illness is stress related. I have no problem believing that statistic. Levey and Levey in “Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness” say: “It is not stress that kills you, it is your response to stress.” Yes, that is true too.

Stress was getting in the way of my body’s natural power to heal. Well, I should say my RESPONSE to stress was getting in the way. I was not responding to stress well. Mindfulness and meditation taught me to respond to stress differently and helped me to heal my body just like the flowers do.

Leah Heidelmeier - Dandelions (Critique)

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So lets leave stress behind and take a lesson from the flowers this summer. Try sitting outside amongst the flowers and meditate on the perfection of God’s work. Eckhart Tolle in “A New Earth” says that he has never met a frog with a self-esteem problem. I have never met a flower with a self-esteem problem either.

Flowers are natural and beautiful, and don’t question the meaning of their existence. They allow nature to take its course. They don’t pay for plastic surgery. They don’t worry if they will go before their time. They know they are an important part of the universe. They don’t question God’s plan.

I was questioning if I should write about the flowers today when I looked on Facebook and saw my cousin posted her flowers blooming as a God Sighting. That was my God Sighting and my signal to go ahead and write about the flowers.

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photo: www.flickr.com/photos/wayfinder/5797718/in/photolist

Thank you God for the signals you have been giving me. Help open my mind to your signs always and listen the first time. Help me to allow your plan to work in my life. Help me to always stop and smell your flowers. Thank you for the perfect universe we are so privileged to have. This summer I am especially thankful for my garden. Help keep me connected to the healing energy of the flowers and let it work in my life always.


Peace, Love, and Flower Power,


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Here is a picture of the plant that Cynthia posted about below.  Thanks for the comments and thoughts on the healing properties of flowers!