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Meditating by concentrating on an object or “concentration meditation” (Levey & Levey) is also a very effective way of meditating.  The objective of meditation is to train your mind to concentrate on something. Meditation helps your mind to focus in all areas of your life.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who compared meditation to worrying (thanks Kay).  She said if you can worry, you can meditate.  Worrying is thinking about the same thing over and over (in an unproductive way).  Well, we can’t just tell ourselves to stop worrying.  We have to replace the worry with something else.

Our brain is used to the circular pattern of obsessive thinking or unproductive worrying.  So why not make this pattern productive?  Replace it with a positive thought, image, or mantra.  Your brain will thank you.  This is meditation.

In the spirit of the season of flowers, below is a beautiful healing flower meditation.  It is meant to be done with one simple flower sitting in front of you, preferably at eye level.  You can record yourself reading the meditation or you can read it and try it while gazing upon a flower:

Healing Flower Meditation – Guided imagery

This meditation is a healing flower meditation. Lets start with a prayer to God, The Universe, or our Higher Selves asking that we receive the message we need out of today’s meditation.  The point of the meditation is to concentrate in a relaxing way. Do not worry if you are doing it right. Just do your best to concentrate, relax, have fun, and know that you will receive what you are meant to receive. There is no right or wrong. Everyone’s meditation is different.

Please take 3 deep stomach breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. I want you to concentrate your gaze on the flower in front of you. Do not strain your eyes. Relax them. Let the image of the flower come to you. Receive the image of the flower with your relaxing gaze.

images flower https:::www.flickr.com:photos:riccardopanello:3494084158:in:photolist

This flower has life-energy in it. The energy that flowers give off is very healing. Today we are going to connect with the energy of the flower and feel it inside of us as it heals our minds and bodies.

Look at the vibrant color of the flower and know that the flower is alive just as you are. You are both creations from God. Think about the magical energy of the flower inside and surrounding the flower. Connect with this energy as it enters your body leaving every part of your body relaxed yet vibrant and full of life.

Blue Flower of Creeper Plant

FEEL the flower’s energy entering your toes and finger tips. Your toes and finger tips feel tingly as this wonderful healing energy enters them. You feel a subtle excitement go through your body because you know this amazing energy is about it fill your body. This energy makes your body feel wonderful and forget all pain.

Let the flower’s energy go up your legs and arms into your torso. This healing energy fills your stomach with wonderful healing digestive enzymes. Your stomach feels almost warm due to the powerful energy that is now connected with it.

The energy then fills your neck and shoulders, relaxing all the tension that creates any problems in this area of your body. Then it moves up to your head, surrounding your head with peaceful thoughts and new creative ideas. The energy is now surrounding your head and body. It is flowing inside and outside of you. The energy sparkles and moves and flows. Everyone you meet is touched and healed with this energy. It is a new and wonderful way of being.

image rose https:::www.flickr.com:photos:84935187@N04:15045568809:in:photolist

Now close your eyes and continue for a few minutes to meditate on the image of the flower and the energy you and the flower now share. The energy gets stronger when it is shared, so it is glowing brightly in both of you now.

We are going to conclude our meditation today gazing once again upon the flower. As you gaze relaxingly at the flower, feel its presence. The flower is a living creation of God. Notice its simple and perfect beauty.

The flower’s beauty is the same as yours. Notice the simplicity of the flower and that simplicity is beautiful. Take this with you today as you realize that life does not have to be hard. You do not have to think about a million things at once. Marvel at God’s simple creations, and the perfect life will come to you.


Remember to post comments below on what the meditation does for you or please post any God Sightings you have recently had.


I also have to add a God Sighting I had today.  I was at my parents, and my niece was sitting by the pool with the dog.  It was a beautiful moment of peace when I looked over to see her hugging the dog next to her in the grass.  God was there.



Peace, Love, and Flower Gazing


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