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“The world is only in the mind of its maker. Do not believe it is outside of yourself.” A Course in Miracles


I find that when I look too closely at things, it freaks me out.  It reminds me of someone with anorexia who focuses so intensely on a body part that she doesn’t like.  When she focus on it, it grows in her mind. And now that body part looks huge when it is actually very small. In cognitive behavioral therapy we call this binocular vision – focusing on something to a point where it appears bigger than it really is.


This happens to me when I double guess something I did or said.  I will see a client or go to a party or write a blog, and everything is great.  I will feel it went really well right when it’s done.  But then….it happens.  Ughhhhhhhh.  Some little minute detail will cross my brain, and I will question it:  “did I do that right?”  Then I think I am going to solve the problem by analyzing it more.  Maybe I’ll try to talk to someone about it, and their reaction could freak me out even more:  “Did I offend that person? Is it as bad as I think?”

There is one problem…there IS no problem.  I am asking people, God, myself to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.  Can you imagine that conversation with my husband?!!  It doesn’t go well!

A Course In Miracles says that if God were to solve a problem for you at the level of form, he would be making the problem real.  The problem isn’t real.  The problem is in my mind.

That is when I ask God for a miracle.  I ask him to change my perception.  I ask him to correct my mind and give me peace.

And sure enough, it happens.  I disconnect from the details of the situation and gain a broader perspective.  I know that the Universe has my back.  I know all is well.  I can see everything that I worried about in the past is gone and this will be someday too.


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