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Hi everyone! I am working on updating my blog a bit, so it is going to be a quick post today! I just have to say, I can feel the love from my blog readers. I love connecting under God’s love. There is nothing better.

It must be the early fall air, but I am inspired to clean up, simplify, throw away, update, and raise those vibrations! I am sitting in my extra bedroom (sort of my office, meditation center) as I write this. Looking around, it seems to have turned into a shrine to my wedding. My beautiful wedding dress is preserved in this box that freaks me out a little and reminds me of Ms. Havisham from Great Expectations. I have saved many of my Beatles-themed table frames, center pieces, and pictures from my wedding. I had so much fun preparing for, and I LOVED my wedding. But I think its time to move on.

(If my husband is reading this, I don’t mean it’s time to move on from you.  LOL!  Just from me holding onto everything from our wedding.  🙂  LOVE YOU!  Besides it’s a great excuse to post wedding pics…)


I was super-inspired (if that’s a word) by a Facebook picture by Gabby Bernstein (spiritual teacher and author). It was of her office. She called it her “command center” where she was writing her new book. The picture was basically of a white desk, green smoothie, apple computer, a red flower, and her “Miracles Now” card deck. The beauty and simplicity of this picture made it so clear what I needed to do. I need to focus and simplify.

The reason Gabby called this her “command center” is because it is a spiritual command center where she calls to Spirit and Spirit answers. When our surroundings are clear and focused, so are our minds. It is very easy to get distracted from God’s voice when we are in the midst of clutter.

I feel I want to do a mental house cleaning as well. Mind clutter is the ego’s playground. Today I happened to come across an awesome deal for a facial. I have not had one in years, and let me tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered! As the esthetician played relaxing music and massaged my face, neck, and hands, it was like I could let go of all thought patterns that no longer serve me and reconnect to the divine.

A thought from A Course in Miracles keeps crossing my mind. It is from lesson 95, and it says: “I am limitless in power and peace.” I meditated on that thought during my facial. I have concluded that limitless peace does give me limitless power. If I can face everything with the peace of God, there is nothing I cannot do. True peace = True power.

So I am very inspired to face any clutter I have with limitless peace and power to let go of attachments. My husband and I do not collect too much clutter, so this job will not be too bad. But I have to admit, I am worse than he is at clutter collection. I am going to be bravely posting before and after (clutter) pictures of my simplify-and-focus-on-God spiritual housecleaning process on Facebook and my blog. My desk may not look too bad, but wait until you see my makeup drawer.
Peace, Love, and Spiritual Housecleaning,
Let’s get to it!


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photo credit:

 flickr creative commons, Robert Benner, Simplify Your Life
A small sign in the garden at Peace Pilgrim Park, Egg harbor City, NJ, https://www.flickr.com/photos/mullica/6160229396/in/photolist-aomMzE-gYBjZT-gWt4eR-5CuQFt-dxxKLk-qB6QPu-5BtPVv-gWwmJ6-56oP6-5Cz8Fm-5BtPUt-gVNjCp-gVMqEE-mAbUEE-9th3q5-gYBjKA-7W29is-qob2qK-7FiUZT-9oWkaT-nrug4t-4nF3Cb-bzNGGA-qxUVfK-8cpTzd-sAgf5d-9oWkat-gSik7j-brxRLa-7DQeYR-8QbWKt-tf1yuF-54Jy3J-2WDEgp-rvSQwy-9oWkbk-9th3nY-pvP2Uz-9th3qE-9oWke8-2Anqbo-8vYdgo-cqCSiU-8krDxn-PwfFY-oJDUcR-beUUKz-cRGLqq-b7cfFD-m15wj3.