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The Course in Miracles lesson I had for yesterday was “Into His Presence would I enter now” (in A Course in Miracles His with a capital H represents Jesus Christ or The Divine Teacher). Yesterday morning I sat in my meditation room and meditated on the quote, “Into His Presence would I enter now”. During my meditation, I experienced something very profound. I know I will have a hard time describing the experience and will feel I did not do it justice. It was an exhilarating experience of warmth, life, peace, and inspiration like no other.

Levey and Levey wrote in the book Meditation, Mindfulness and Mindfitness that you should create a sacred space for your meditation. They specifically state to keep your meditation room clean, tidy, and sacred, as if you were expecting a visitor. Oh I get goosebumps just typing about it! I WAS expecting a visitor! As I meditated on the phrase “Into His Presence would I enter now” something awesome happened. I FELT His presence.

Meditation is time spent with The Divine, so why wouldn’t I expect His presence? It is not that I was so surprised that he showed up. In the past, I might have been. This shock might have even scared the experience away. This time I was not necessarily expecting it, but it felt right. It felt like I had been waiting and the time was now and clearly here.


It really opened my mind to realize that I want to listen more and create more sacred space. God/Jesus/The Divine are always right there. Meditation just focuses our awareness solely on Him, so we are more aware of His presence. This time is so sacred.  And it should be devoted to God completely. A Course in Miracles says, “you are way too tolerant of mind wandering”. I am definitely guilty of this even during my meditations. This experience woke me up to realize what I was missing when I let my mind wander off. It also brought up many more exciting questions.

What if I made more of my time sacred? Yesterday was also cleaning day at my house. I began to think while cleaning: What if I was preparing my house for Jesus to come and spend time with me tonight? What would I be doing? Well, I probably would be cleaning! I would be making things nice for him. I would be getting rid of distractions, so I could sit and listen to him. I would feel the magical presence and excitement all around me because He would be coming.

Well, He IS coming. Actually He is here! So why not make my house sacred all the time? Why not focus on peaceful little details and make them beautiful, neat, pretty and good enough for Christ? Why not get rid of things I will never need? I do not need much after all. I only need Him. His presence is what I want, and I will make room for it.

I am soon welcoming A Course in Miracles study group into my home. I am looking forward to this. When two or more people get together for the purpose of knowing God, His presence grows even stronger. God’s work is so obvious sometimes. I had the study group posted on The Foundation for Inner Peace’s website for months. Recently two people emailed me in the same day saying they were interested in the group. The time has come. I have prepared my space for Him. And into His presence we will enter. I am very excited for this next chapter of miracles.

So prepare your home, your office, your car, and all your space for His coming. Make your area sacred so you can focus your mind on Him. Hang up quotes that remind you to invite His presence. He is waiting to bring you home.


Peace and love,


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