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Today is John Lennon’s 75th birthday! It is a day for peace and love. This week there have been many celebrations going on to honor the late John Lennon. You can read about one in this article; http://abc7news.com/society/incredible-sight-thousands-form-human-peace-sign-to-honor-john-lennon/1020249/.

Yoko Ono organized thousands of people in Central Park into a human peace sign as a tribute to John Lennon. While she didn’t reach her goal in numbers, it was a chilling sight. To quote the above sighted article; “The crowd included everyone from aging hippies to schoolchildren not yet born when Lennon died.”

That is the amazing thing about John Lennon and The Beatles. My husband and I saw Paul McCartney at Lollapalooza this summer. We witnessed high school kids singing all the words to songs such as Let it Be. The message is timeless. It still touches all generations.

To perceive John Lennon correctly is to perceive his completeness. It is to perceive his holy essence and light. John Lennon’s true essence was one of peace. And that is what he left behind. John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s relationship at its highest good was a holy one. They came together for a higher purpose. They showed the world what a change in perception can do. They created miracles.

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John Lennon and Yoko Ono promoted peace.  They spoke out against war and violence.  They raised money for needy children and other charities.  They were out there doing it.  They were able to use their fame and their power to promote a higher purpose.

I have written before about how I feel a strong connection to John.  I feel very connected to the peace he promoted.  In the past I also connected with his pain.  That is why I choose to make this day a sacred one.  I will stand in his space. I will feel his lo❤️e.  I will release his pain.  And I will promote his peace.

IMAGINE Peace and Love Today,


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