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“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.”  A Course in Miracles

As many of my readers may know, I want to write a book on how connecting with The Higher Consciousness (God, The Universe, Source) through meditation, mindfulness and other holistic health techniques creates miracles in your life. The miracle starts inside of you, but the power of the miracle is limitless. This power is all around us and is in everyone.

Two weeks ago my husband and I had a miraculous experience. We were called on stage during a Paul McCartney concert. Anyone who follows my blog knows my husband and I are huge Beatles and Paul McCartney fans. As I am writing this post, my husband has the song “So Bad” by Paul McCartney blasting through our house. When a Paul McCartney new release comes out, it is like Christmas at our house. Paul McCartney and The Beatles are so deeply ingrained in our hearts and souls that it creates something very beautiful and powerful when the two of us come together in this love.

Since my husband and I were blessed enough to share the stage with Paul McCartney for two life-changing minutes, many people have asked to hear our story. They want to know the details of what it was like to be on stage with Paul, how we picked out our outfits, and what we wrote on our signs that caught Paul McCartney’s attention. That story is written here in the Macca Report, “Husband and wife MEET Paul McCartney in Columbus, Oh,” http://themaccareport.com/news/report.htm.


But that story is not the real story. It is real, but it is not the real story. There is an energy force beneath that story that is not mentioned, that is unstoppable. It is an energy force that I have discovered is real, and to be honest, quite frightening (something on which I am still working).

Most of my readers know that I practice daily meditation and mindfulness techniques, and that meditation has changed my life in many powerful ways. When I set out on my meditation journey, I was in search for inner peace. It was the only thing I wanted in life. There is a quote from “A Course in Miracles” that talks about being “limitless in power and peace”.

As someone who struggled with chronic, sometimes crippling, anxiety, what I found was that limitless peace did give me limitless power. As George Harrison said, “It’s all in the mind.” Well, yes George, it is. Changing your mind changes everything.

There are parts of this story that are way too personal for a blog (but they will be in my book ?). There are other parts of this story that I will include in future blog posts in order to keep this an easy-to-read size. For now, the following is what I want to share:

The night of the concert, I asked God to show me the limitless power of my peace. I did not ask him to put me on stage with Paul McCartney. Honestly, I did not even think I could handle that. A girl with crippling anxiety on stage at a Paul McCartney concert? It’s hilarious! I just wanted to be able to have fun, feel the love and light with everyone there, and dance.

Apparently, and as usual, God’s plan was different from mine. Notice I did not ask God for peace. Peace is not necessarily found on stage at a Paul McCartney concert in case anyone was wondering. I asked God to show me the POWER of my peace. And he did. This power guided me all night, and led me straight into the arms of a living legend.  This was something I never dreamed to be possible.


I realize it is an awesome and rare occurrence to be on stage with Paul. I also realize I am not the only one. I am writing this to share what the limitless power of peace can do. It is not always going to mean that you go on stage at a rock concert. But do not put limits on it. Put it into God’s hands. His plan will always be better than yours.

Marianne Williamson talks about the grandeur of God verses grandiosity. Grandiosity is thinking you are better than everyone. The grandeur of God is sharing with every human being the real greatness that is everyone’s right. Honestly, that weekend in Columbus Ohio, I saw the light. I saw the same light in a homeless person who talked to me on the street that I saw on stage in Paul McCartney.  That light was bright and powerful.  I felt honored to share it with both human beings.  That is the grandeur of God. We all have it. Now it is time to see it, share it, and watch it grow brighter.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Peace, Love, and Paul McCartney (Thank you and we love you),


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