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31-Rumi-Our Greatest Strength...

There is much thought and opinion out there that spiritual attitudes, thoughts, and actions (those of love, kindness, and peace on earth) are weak. I do not know about you, but it is only in times of true strength that I can access true spiritual thought, opinion, and action.

It is very easy to find evil in this world. It is very easy to dwell in darkness. It is easy to be cynical.  It is easy to be sarcastic. It is easy to fly off the handle at someone. It is easy to call the driver that cuts you off names. It is easy to gossip. It is easy to find fault in others. It is easy to hate.

There is a reason why these things are easy. It is because the force behind them is very strong. A Course in Miracles says,“it is a mistake to believe that a thought system based on lies is weak.”  That is true.  The force of the thought system based on lies is very strong. The strength comes in resisting it.  This is not an easy task.

There is strength in finding love in hateful situations. There is strength in asking God for help changing your perspective. There is strength in seeing those who hurt you as children of God.

Strength is having faith in another option when things seems impossible. Strength is in the person who doesn’t go with the crowd. Strength is the story of the nazi concentration camp survivor who still has forgiveness and love in his heart. Strength is in the faithful. Strength is in the person who stays calm amongst chaos. Strength is having more faith in the power to heal than the power of illness. Strength is the person who stays spiritually uplifted in the midst of the psychological drama of the world.

It is not naive to believe in the power of love.  It is mature.

It is not unintelligent to believe there could be another way.  It is smart.

It is not weak to love those who hate.  It is strong.

Hidden Strength (lock)

This is not to say we let people walk all over us. This is not to say we ignore evil or condone it. We just don’t give it power over us. We have appropriate boundaries and walk away when necessary. But we believe in love more than we believe in hate. We believe in the power of God more than we do in the power of evil. We believe in peace more than we do in fear.

In Marianne Williamson’s last live stream, she talks about why when we put our hands in prayer position ? our finger tips point up. She says that is because when we pray, we are accessing higher thoughts. We are shooting our power straight up into God’s realm.

Marianne calls this spiritual realm the vertical realm. The power of prayer helps us access something that is not of the horizontal realm in which we live. The power from the vertical (spiritual realm) comes shooting down at us and transforms the horizontal.

Marianne relates it to the fairy godmother’s wand in Cinderella. The motion of the wand goes straight up into the air to access the vertical (spiritual) realm and what comes shooting down transforms everything in the horizontal (physical) realm.

So the next time you are faced with a challenge that causes you to feel hate or bitterness, put (or imagine) your hands in prayer position ? and shoot your thoughts straight up into the air.  Feel it happen.  Experience the shift.  That is the strength of the true warrior.  That is the miracle.

It has been in my weakest moments that I have displayed blame, hate, and hopelessness. It is those weak attitudes that have blinded my spiritual sight. Spirituality is not for the weak-hearted.  Spiritual sight cannot even be attained with a weak heart.  Spiritual sight is for the strong.  It is for those who are in it to win once and for all.

The answers found in hate and revenge are temporary. The answers accessed from above are permanent. It takes a strength that is not of this world to forgive those who have wronged us. That is why we must look to God for answers.

True answers to the problems of this world do not lie in this world which we can see.  True answers lie above. They lie in a higher frequency.  The answers are there waiting for us.  But we cannot access them with bitterness, hate, and judgment.  They know nothing of any of these things.  They know only forgiveness, love, and light.  And once we access that realm, the gates of heaven open here on earth, and all the answers are given.

That is why spiritual sight is kept clean, sacred, and untarnished.  It is a present for you.  It is there for when you are ready.  It is there for when you have exhausted all the solutions that you think lie in this world.  It is sparkly and new. You just have to reach up and get it.  And it is there you will find another way, the way of the warrior.

Peace, Love, and Strength ?,


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31-Rumi-Our Greatest Strength…

Flickr creative  commons, brett jordan,
Hidden Strength (lock), https://www.flickr.com/photos/x1brett/22195163341/in/photolist-zPj1N2-bsXtuh-pvrky9-eYVWeE-ckBZj7-8TDTAH-gWWjbS-rXtN9s-gwYfMQ-egVs6H-bVWPAL-aztKC4-rjK1q6-dQb8vs-i59DUM-qjaDvJ-jBXyhe-iujGJP-sgrvVN-7GbpdG-p9sFL-iBuxBF-7Ymf1-rd3VHj-iz7LTs-fZLR5e-9HHk4H-xw86ts-pWxuxN-egpUV7-rKDggi-fF5NFz-rN9FKw-nXSmbj-dAszN1-4EqcGh-ofhhH9-k9XbyQ-onhqrb-rCmTuU-6AgfeX-7xvoCj-eyUPYK-rYwrnM-h1GoVp-nHG1Bw-oDtYfZ-pWD9ck-dc6bp1-oj3otC