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O Holy Night

I would like to invite you to take a moment and close your eyes.  Go back now to a Christmas time when you were a child, maybe 9-11 years old.   Experience the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds… Find and focus on any good memories and feelings you had during that glorious childhood Christmas time….Was there magic in the air?

I had a friend, Laura, and we had a Christmas obsession.  We LOVED Christmas.   We looked forward to it all year.  When the season finally arrived, our rituals began.

Our older brothers and sisters thought we were nuts!  We would do things like watch the movie A Christmas Story on VHS tape over and over again. We listened to Christmas music, decorated our houses, and baked cookies.  We were the official present-wrappers for our families.  We were like Will Ferrell in the movie Elf, dying to wrap any presents we could get our hands on and dying to do anything and everything that had to do Christmas.

We loved how the season looked, smelled, and tasted, and we completely immersed ourselves into every aspect of it.  Looking back, I think we sensed there was magic somewhere in this season, so we went with it!  We didn’t just want to experience it nonchalantly like some people who went through Christmas not even knowing the specific date when the lights downtown came on (we didn’t understand how anyone could not know this).  We wanted to experience the season with every aspect of our being, and we did!

We spread the magic of Christmas that we harnessed to others.  When we got older, our families both told us about the magic we created in our households around that time of year.  My guess is this good energy we created spread out further than we even know.  We sensed the magic inside ourselves, we fed it, and then it spread to others.

My favorite Christmas song is Oh Holy Night.  I was listening to a beautiful version of it the other day.  I was really struck by the following words:  “Fall on your knees.  O hear the angel voices.”  O hear the angel voices!  It was like I was hearing and understanding the song for the first time! It is like they just snuck that part in the song, and it so easily can fall under the radar.  This song is literally telling us to fall on our knees and hear the angel voices. I kind of lost touch with my friend, Laura, but I heard her angel voice the other night.

Angel Ornament and Tree Lights 3022

I was wrapping presents and was kind of complaining about not wanting to do it when I got a whiff of wrapping paper.  This whiff brought me back to the Christmas magic of the times I spent with Laura.  It was like her essence delicately flew right past me.  If I wouldn’t have been paying attention, I would have missed it.  The magic we created was inside me still, and I was reminded to feel it.

Tonight is Christmas Eve.  It is a holy night.  With the divine essence of this night comes a reminder to fall on your knees and hear the angel voices.  These could be earth angels currently in your life or from your past (in my case Laura) or on another realm.  It could be loved ones who have left the physical world.  It could be guardian angels.  It could be someone sitting right next to you who has a soul message for you to hear.

The angels are speaking to you.  I invite you to find the stillness in this night and listen to them.  They will whisper sweet things in your ear.  Don’t let the angel essence fly past you unnoticed on this holy night.

It's full of stars

I invite you to find the magic in this Christmas Eve.  Maybe you can harness the feelings of those childhood memories.  Or maybe you don’t have good childhood memories and you want to make new ones.  Maybe you are by yourself this Christmas Eve.  No matter what, you can feel the magic.  I will feel it too and will send it to you.  If we all do the same, no one will be alone.  We will all be together, on our knees, hearing the angel voices on this holy night that Christ was born.

Peace, Love, and O Holy Nights to You All,


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