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“Where loved ones failed you, guardian angels stand ready to catch your fall.”
― Shannon L. Alder

photo credit: flickr creative commons, Alice Popkorn, Your Guardian Angel.


When you look back at an entire course of events, you could not have planned the magic that transpired. If only you would have known at the time. It was all a God Sighting indeed.

I stopped by my brother’s house the other day because I had to drop something off for him. My youngest niece, Shaelynn, recently turned 16 and got her drivers license. When I arrived at my brother’s house, Shaelynn was home. Shaelynn sat with me in the kitchen, and we spoke for a while. She told me about a car accident she and her friend were in a day or so earlier. She had that, “I just got my drivers license, and I was in a car accident!” look of shock still on her 16-year-old face. ?


As Shaelynn told me her story, I started to wakeup and realize what a gift this story was. Shaelynn and her friend were okay, and they learned many very important life lessons by having this accident. Shaelynn finished her story with, “Well that was a God Sighting, so you can put THAT in your blog!” I bursted out laughing! She said it with a kind of “you can put that in your pipe and smoke it!” tone. Shaelynn has always been so funny since the time she was a little baby. You could see her sense of humor in her facial expressions even as a small child!

I also was laughing because I am so happy she thinks of God Sightings. Shaelynn is so obviously beautiful on the inside and out. She has too many good things going for her to count. She is smart and witty and has the world at her feet. But that doesn’t mean her life has been easy. She has already been exposed to the dark night of the soul even at her young age.  Her mother died very tragically when Shaelynn was seven years old.  The gift there (because we must find one) is that Shaelynn’s angels are always so close. I can sense and almost hear the angelic presence around her. It is so beautiful.

Shaelynn’s God Sighting was the fact that she came out of that car accident alive. But Shaelynn was MY God Sighting. That day she stood a little taller. Her eyes were opened a little wider. She hugged me a little tighter. I felt her love a little deeper.

The angelic presence around my niece is around everyone. Tragedy breeds angels. But that doesn’t mean angelic presence isn’t there when there isn’t a tragedy.  We just have to tune in. We can notice right now. We do not need a car accident or something bad to happen to sense the delicate aura of angels.

I should have gone into Shaelynn’s house that day expecting angels. The glimpse of angelic presence that I got was probably 1% compared to what was really there. Her story woke me up to look for them. But it was the angels who welcomed me into the door.

Growing up is a beautiful thing. When you are forced to face the harsh realities of this world, it is a great opportunity to awaken to the divine presence that lies beyond. As Marianne Williamson says, “There are angels to your left and angels to your right; angels above you and below you; angels ahead of you and behind you. You are encapsulated in divine vibration, surrounded by love and eternally blessed. Go forth in confidence and go forth in peace…all is well.”


Peace, Love, and Safe Driving,



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photo credit: flickr creative commons, Alice Popkorn, Your Guardian Angel. https://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/3041502593/in/photolist-5CLuKT-YMk-k1JNx8-cK3kdS-z14X3D-dwmWCA-dwm8Ld-7V3p5D-97apRb-ivV6KA-5W1fLu-7bApvg-ky6WC-5dGXKT-dwdCDh-dwcL3L-dw6nJv-dwbLu9-dw6viT-dwcPSu-dwkLa9-dwg9TH-dwfrDa-dwfihp-dwgLpX-dwn94N-dwf5qx-dwkxkb-dwgtpF-dwd4NU-npBbZj-Bzvu5Y-3eTC7u-Bktd3o-aCVaUc-6WZNrK-6cCpJ8-74dPZd-cq5vTU-eEndBE-pcVJm6-9fZ6YB-dw6pZn-dw6Tqk-dw6kf8-dwcAEW-dwc1qN-dwcb2L-pgt7eG-5W1fES/