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“Tired of trying to cram her sparkly star-shaped self into society’s beige square holes, she chose to embrace her ridiculous awesomeness and shine like the freaking supernova she was meant to be.”  Unknown

I went to a workshop this year and discovered a deep desire inside of me to become closer to the energy of the goddess, to get with the flow of Mother Earth. As a result of getting in touch with this energy, I am forever changed. I was drawn to two perfect books, Warrior Goddess Training by HeatherAsh Amara and A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson.

There is no way of reading these two books without going through significant transformation as a woman (or man). If you decide to read them, this is your warning. You might even get a little angry (I did…am) but that’s a good thing. I am woman, hear me roar. But watch out world. I did not only discover that I’m a woman. I’m a goddess. And a goddess’s power cannot be stopped.


There’s too much to say about the power of the goddess for one blog. Maybe I lost you at “Mother Earth”. If you stopped reading then, I should probably stop talking to you and focus on explaining the power of the goddess to those who are still reading.

There are many women throughout history who have embodied the power of the goddess, one being the virgin Mary in The Bible.  Mary was impregnated by God, and she was scared. She did not know what power she had until God told her, and she listened. She embodied the ultimate female spirit, and this spirit gave birth to Christ.



My husband and I have been watching the TV series, Game of Thrones. We have a recent obsession with medieval shows. I love the spirituality, and my husband probably loves the violence, but it works. We both love the castles and the kings and queens. I love the clothes and the art.

Game of Thrones, if you can get past the violence, is really an amazing show. Last night’s episode was such an example of the power of the goddess, that it inspired me to write about it. One of the characters in the show is named Daenerys Targaryen also known as The Mother of Dragons (so cool).

Daenerys is the ultimate goddess. She fights for what she thinks is right. She is beautiful, strong, bold, magical, a little overzealous with her temper at times, but once she gets that under control, she will no doubt take the iron throne and rule the 7 kingdoms (I’m not sure if that will happen but it’s a woman’s right to dream).  Regardless, she kicks ass.  Her power is limitless.

The episode we watched last night so beautifully depicted the power of the goddess that I had to write about it.  It was just when there seemed to be no more hope. Daenerys and her 3 helpers were surrounded by crazed killers in masks who were going to devour them all.  Although Daenerys’s helpers had mad warrior skills, they were way outnumbered. It appeared to be over for her and her kingdom.  Just when you knew there was nothing else that could be done, another way appeared.

Daenerys closed her eyes and shot her power straight up to the vertical realm where the power of God (and the goddess) reside.  This is much like the fairy god mother we have talked about before from the fairy tales who waves her wand of light straight up into the air.  And what happens when all else seems lost, and Daenerys remembers to actualize the power that is not of this world?  A thrilling dragon comes flying out of the sky to save her.

The dragon does well beating the bad guys at first, but the bad guys stab the dragon with arrows.  There’s a point when you think the beautiful creature is going to die.  Does Daenerys give up when they start to kill her dragon?  No!

The appearance of the dragon reminded Daenerys that there is another way that is not of this world, and that this other way WILL work.  There is no stopping her now.  She removes one of the dragon’s arrows. The dragon lets out a scream right in Daenerys’s face. The dragon’s breath is like the wind and her beautiful hair blows.

The dragon appears angry at her, and for a minute Daenerys was frightened by this power she has discovered (as we all are). But she moves through her fears, looks straight into the dragon’s mouth, climbs on his back, and commands him to fly. He then flies her away to her castle in the sky (I’m actually not sure where he flew her, waiting for the next episode).

I had chills all throughout my body and tears in my eyes. This scene rang so true in my ears and to my life. The power of the goddess is so unreal. It is like nothing else I have ever known yet like everything I always knew. It is in my aunt that passed away this year. It is in my mother, my sister, and all my living and dead female relatives. It is in my brother, who is also a mother. It is in my friends, my teachers, my neighbors. It is a silent force that has been present throughout all of time.

But why a silent force? In A Woman’s Worth, Marianne Williamson has a lot to say about why the power of the goddess has been silenced throughout history. The goddess power scares people. It is not scientific. It is not linear. It can seem chaotic. And actually I must add, the silence is part of its strong beauty. It doesn’t always reveal itself immediately, but we know it is there.


Marianne also says the world is scared of ecstatic women (who resemble this power). I have to agree with her. The jealousy that runs rampant in our society silences many women. I also think the goddess confuses people. They don’t know what to think. (I just reread this and laughed out loud).

So what is my point? I don’t know. But that is my right as a woman. I can talk and write a blog that has no point at all if I want. And I won’t apologize for it (not even once).

Okay, but seriously, I have somewhat of a point. My point is to ignite the goddess in my blog readers. It is in all of you. Claim your feminine power. Be bold. Be creative. Be beautiful in your way. Be loud. Be silent. Honor your spirit. Move mountains. Speak your mind. Let them laugh. The goddess pays no mind to lesser powers. She will get hers. Her dragon will arrive. And the world will be saved.



Peace, Love, and Power to the Goddess!


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Photos taken by me!  Of Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck.