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(I know the spacing in this post is super weird, but apparently the paragraphs in this post needed room to breathe as well.  I didn’t argue.)

My husband just bought a Marrantz 2270. For those of you who are normal, you may not know what that is. It is one of the 3 best stereos in the world, according to my husband.

This stereo is major. It is vintage and huge and heavy. When it finally arrived, we were looking for a place to put it. My husband kept on saying, “It needs room to breathe!”


I guess “The Marrantz”, as we refer to it in our house, is so powerful that you shouldn’t place many things around it, or it could overheat. “It needs room to breathe!” My husband kept repeating this phrase, so it was implanted in my brain.


This week I also was listening to Wayne Dyer’s audio book, Wishes Fulfilled. Wayne Dyer talks about the human soul in this book. And guess what Wayne Dyer says about the human soul? “It needs room to breathe.”


Okay, I get it! I get it! Room to breathe is needed! Is someone trying to tell me something? Wayne Dyer says the only thing the soul really needs to thrive is space. He says the soul needs room to breathe, and it will naturally expand.


This really resonated with me. I loved the idea of my soul needing room to breathe. But what does that really mean?


I can think of one way I give my soul room to breathe. It is writing in this blog. I know my soul is breathing, because I feel a slight vibration in me when I write. This vibration is my excited soul breathing and expanding, inhaling and exhaling. My soul expands naturally in this spot, and it is so grateful to me for giving it air.


There were times in my life when my soul was bogged down with rules, regulations, judgments, and size 5 jeans. It was gasping for breath. Instead of giving it the air it needed, I tried to cover its mouth and cut off its oxygen.

When I tried to contain my soul in such a way, it vibrated out of control like when my husband has The Marrantz too loud and it makes a horrible, loud, very-wrong, vibrating noise during the song, “Baby You’re a Rich Man.”


But guess what? The next song is, “All You Need is Love”. When The Marrantz is given room to breathe, this iconic song flows naturally from this machine. The soul of The Marrantz expands and fills the room with its essence.


This essence sinks into my finger tips as I type, into my lungs as I breathe, and into my heart as it beats. It expands throughout our house, into our
souls, and Across The Universe.


No one can kill that song. And no one, not even you, can kill your soul. When your soul, like The Marrantz, is given room to breathe, a beautiful essence is released into the atmosphere. And everything else falls away.


How can you give your soul more room to breathe? What space do you need to give your soul? Of what rules, regulations, guidelines, or judgements can you can let go? What would you do if you forgot to worry about what other people think? How can you give yourself more room to move and release your essence into the world? You just have to create the space.


Write below and tell me how you can free your soul!

Peace, Love, and Free Souls to All,




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photo credit:  Flickr Creative Commons, Oakley Foxtrot, peace, https://www.flickr.com/photos/muterach/12824946785/in/photolist-kxicSa-9RMxvd-iWySmx-3c22m9-piNW6S-bcAEY6-ccjjD1-5DkYp1-bSshf8-6Uoo99-5CUXv-69u2Cb-7HLFL-6hP2ss-7GVsTt-5RFuv2-9ihUVG-4ZSm6n-4ZciWX-6mfA3M-cnd77j-2VASSj-7F1pK5-68H5YX-7STtHH-88UBV2-2Bpkz4-4osaWR-4Qq3WB-6mhS1a-c8H3ch-bwUZen-2YmZAa-4BiNMH-6bS9Ng-61A33r-9KKqxD-33Gmoy-d339m9-caLjVo-dAt8HX-69Hmxg-aVitNT-5JTeBY-nKfb-9YDk7k-9YoN52-6eRF3u-mRXtP8-7qFZDS