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“It’s all too much.”  George Harrison

I am a highly sensitive soul. I always have been. My mom says I came out of her screaming and didn’t stop. I am sure the lights, the love, the pressure to be cute, it all felt too much. It still does.

I don’t like it when there is too much going on, too much action, too much food, too many people, too many decisions. I am sensitive to sugar, alcohol, caffeine, people’s feelings, my feelings, animal’s feelings. I am sensitive to changes in seasons, changes of life, harsh energies, harsh chemicals.

Need I go on? I can imagine someone reading this and feeling annoyed with me. There I go again, sensitive to criticism.

My husband and I talk about The Beatles all the time, as if they are our friends. We are slightly delusional in that way. I have learned a lot about the personalities of The Fab Four through my relationship with my husband. I remember my husband talking about a party all four of The Beatles went to once. My husband said, “John and George left the party early.”

“John and George left the party early” stood out as relevant information. It has been said that John Lennon and George Harrison were the introverts of the group. I think John and George were the indigo children. They were the highly sensitive souls. They left the party early.

John really found his soul in the peace movement with Yoko Ono. George found his peace in India with The Maha Rishi. They were activists. They wanted to change things. I wonder if it all felt too much to them too.

Apparently it did for George Harrison. He actually wrote a song called “It’s all too much.” I believe he was actually talking about the love and the beauty he was experiencing under LSD at the time. It is interesting that at the beginning of this blog that I mentioned that the love I felt when I was born was all too much.

I believe Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr had it a little easier than John and George. Paul and Ringo got along better in the world. When all four of The Beatles went to India to learn to meditate with the Maha Rishi, Paul couldn’t wait to get back to England to deal with the business happenings of Apple.

But George made his trip longer. George found peace in India and didn’t want to come back to face the Apple business. I think it was probably all too much for him then too.

Unfortunately, John Lennon and George Harrrison are also the two Beatles who are no longer with us. Their sensitive souls could only take so much. They are resting in the peace and vibration that their music brought to this world. They left the party early.

Ringo and Paul are still out there doing it and giving high energy concerts at the young ages of 73 and 75. Their bodies could take the hits and bounce back. They carry less weight in their hearts.

So I guess my point is that my sensitive personality is okay. I don’t have to change it. It doesn’t make me weak. It may make things harder at times, but I can find my place. George and John did. And I don’t remember them apologizing for it. They were just as strong as Paul and Ringo while they were here. The Beatles wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for all of their personalities.

Of course I am not saying that highly sensitive souls always die early. In the case of The Beatles I think it is interesting, maybe a metaphor, but not a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences. It doesn’t matter though. We need the sensitive souls to live completely while they are here, like John and George did.

The songs John and George wrote even had a quality of depth and pain not apparent in every Beatles song. From the song Help to Hide Your Love Away to Imagine (John Lennon solo), John Lennon was expressing his cry for freedom. And it wasn’t until George Harrison died that I realized most of my favorite Beatles songs were written by him. Has anyone ever really read the gut-wrenching lyrics to the song, My Guitar Gently Weeps? Need I say more? These guys were serious. They were also in pain.

So if you relate to this and feel like you are one of those sensitive souls, or you know a sensitive soul, this is for you. The world needs the sensitive souls to speak out now more than ever. We need them to be brave. We need them to be kind. We need them to write their music, do their art, and express their creativity. Most of all, the world needs their depth. So bring it. Don’t fear it. Embrace it. And free it.

Peace, Love, and Sensitive Souls,


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