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I want to take you to “that place” you never want to go. I want you to think about “that thing” you never want to think about. I want you to tell “that thing” about yourself you do not want anyone to know. “That thing” you don’t even want to tell your spouse or your best friend. Do you have it?

Once in a writing workshop I was asked to go to “that place” I never want to go. I was asked to think about “that thing” I never want to think about. “That thing” about myself that I do not want anyone to know. “That thing” I don’t even want to tell my husband, my mom, or my best friend. It is my deepest darkest secret.

“THAT is what you should write about!” the workshop leader said.

Surprise! I am NOT going to reveal my deepest darkest secret in this blog! (Did you really think I would?!)
But I do think that workshop touched on something important. Everyone is walking around with darkness inside of him. Everyone has something she thinks she needs to hide. In a way, I’m sure this makes everyone feel special. It makes everyone feel important. But if everyone has this deep dark secret, then maybe everyone isn’t so special and important.

When you realize, on a deep level, that you aren’t so special and important, it is a relief. It is like the teenager who thinks everyone is looking at her pimple when she walks in the room when no one even notices or cares. It is like seeing Earth from the moon and realizing you aren’t that big of a deal.


Ahhhhhhh. You can relax. You can breathe. You can dance naked in the streets if you want. Well, I wouldn’t go that far….yet.



The reason why this writing workshop leader knew that people would want to read about your deepest darkest secret is because everyone has one. And everyone wants to hear what everyone’s else’s secret is. It makes us feel better to know we are not alone.


A main teaching of A Course in Miracles and many other spiritual paths is that a we are all one. This is a hard concept for most to grasp. But for now, as Marianne Williamson says, it is safe to assume that anyone you meet has suffered as much or even more than you.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has deep dark secrets. Now is the time to leave that story and those secrets behind. You don’t have to hold onto them. They aren’t that big of a deal. They don’t have to define you anymore. Shed some light on them. Talk about them to a therapist or a trusted person. And then get over them and move on.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It is probably not very therapist-like to tell you that your dark secrets aren’t that big of a deal, but it’s true. The bigger deal is the light in you. The biggest deal is the God in you (or spirit, love, whatever you want to call it). That is where your power lies. And it’s time to get to it!

“In shining peace within you is the perfect purity in which you were created. Fear not to look upon the lovely truth in you. Look through the cloud of guilt that dims your vision, and look past darkness to the holy place where you will see the light.” A Course in Miracles


Peace, Love, and Light




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