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The feeling I get when I walk into a Paul McCartney concert is about as close to heaven on earth for me as it gets. Each time it feels like that moment I have waited for my entire life. This is what it is all about, and everything that has happened in my life has led up to this moment.

When you first walk into the stadium, you are met by blue lighting and the beat of DJ Chris Holmes dancing it up to the song, Mother Nature’s Son. It is like you are being welcomed into an alternate dimension. Can it even be real?


For a minute, you wonder if you are welcome. Then you realize you are not only welcome, this is where you BELONG. You know you are about to experience something life-changing. Your world is getting bigger. The heights you reach are higher. The connections you make are deeper. The energy you feel is stronger.

This is the best I can do to put to words something that is wordless, timeless, spaceless, and just all together unexplainable. If you are reading this and you know, then you already know.

My husband and I always sit close, so when the usher looks at our tickets, he just motions us forward. The tears usually start here, and I can’t help but dance my way down the stairs and across the floor. The fear comes that I’m being obnoxious, but not enough for me to care. This is too good to conceal. I am on top of the world. Thank God for gravity or I would fly straight up in the air.

My heart beats and pounds now to the DJ beat of the song Here Comes the Sun in only the style DJ Chris Holmes can do. I feel this ultimate connection and love to everyone I meet, to everyone in the world. It may be those I know or those I am meeting for the first time. It may be for those I will meet in the future and those I have met in the past. My heart is grateful and flying Across the Universe.



I know it sounds like I’m taking drugs, but I’m not.  These feelings are not the effects of drugs or alcohol.  That is the beauty of it.  It is only the effect of being in the moment of something great.

This energy and feeling I am describing also never leaves me. It has literally and physically changed me forever. It is something magical I now carry with me everywhere and can give a little to anyone who wants it.

I believe this beautiful energy was always in me (as it is in everyone). These concerts have just been the portal to reaching it. For me, these concerts are literally, magic. And now, I so am I.


The Paul McCarty Band:  Paul, Brian, Rusty, Abe, and Wix, is an explosion of greatness.  This concert tour was very appropriately named “One on One” because Paul has a way of making every audience member feel that he is looking and singing directly to each person there.  I actually believe he is.


I am not saying that you have to go to a Paul McCartney concert (although my husband would disagree) to find your magic. What I am saying is find your magic. What is the portal that opens up your beautiful energy? What do you love? Whatever it is, get into it. Experience it. Express it. Let it take you over.


For me, it has been attending the concert of the great and wonderful Paul McCartney Band. They have given me what they cannot know. They have freed my soul.


Love, Peace, and The Paul McCartney Band – I am forever in your debt <3,



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