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Christmas cookies

Does the amount of food you might consume during the holidays scare you? You are not alone. Many people feel anxiety about food when it comes to the holidays. As a recovering compulsive overeater, I empathize.

This is really too bad, because the holidays are such a magical time. Being anxious about something like overindulging takes the magic away fast. But I have good news: You are not alone. You do not have to be scared. AND most importantly, YOU CAN EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Yes, I said it. I am telling you that you can eat whatever you want during the holidays. You can! I learned a long time ago that restricting myself and telling myself I cannot have certain foods makes me more attached to those foods. So it is time to cut the cords from all attachments to any food by telling yourself you can eat whatever you want. And here is the trick; YOU get to decide.

Christmas puds

You want to experience ALL the magic of the holidays fully, and that does not mean with a full feeling in your stomach. You want to take in all the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and tastes. It’s absolutely magical. In order to feel magical, you cannot be worried about what you ate or constantly thinking about what you will or won’t eat. In order to feel the magic, you cannot be sick, sluggish, or too full either.

So how do I suggest you keep the magic alive? Try the following steps:

1. Connect to your Higher Wiser (Adult) Self. This is the same as saying connecting to God/The Universe/Higher Power. Pray and meditate to keep yourself centered. Ask God/The Universe/Your Higher Wiser (Adult) Self to align your cravings with what will make you feel good this Holiday Season. Before eating anything, STOP, and take a breath. Ask God/The Universe/Your Higher Wiser (Adult) Self what you should eat, and listen for the answer. You can do this all silently to yourself. No one has to know.

Repeat after me: “I listen to my intuition when it comes to eating!”

2. Be a mindful eater. Make every eating experience as sensual as possible. Enjoy the sights and smells of your food. Put everything on a plate. Make it look pretty. Sit down when you eat. CHEW your food. Think of eating mindfully as indulgent self-care.

Repeat after me: “I eat slowly, mindfully, and indulgently!”

3. Make a peaceful relationship with food your goal for the holiday. Talk to your food (to yourself, of course :)). Tell it thank you for nourishing your body and tasting so delicious. Pay attention to how you feel after each bite. If you eat something really sugary, do you feel your heart beat fast? Do you feel a little addicted and out of control? Does that feel good? Probably not. You deserve to feel in control of what you put in your body. So kindly tell the food that doesn’t make your mind or body feel good “no”. That is true freedom.

Repeat after me: “I have a peaceful relationship with food!”

4. Say “no” or “maybe later”. Remember you can eat anything anytime you want. This does not mean saying yes to everything all the time. It means sometimes saying no. Practice saying “no” to food without anxiety or regret. Practice waiting until later. Practice leaving food on your plate. You will find a sense of calm and peace the more you are able to do this.  You are choosing to feel good and enjoy the holidays with a light, easy, and free feeling. This means treating your body with extra sensitive care.

Repeat after me: “I enjoy saying no to food sometimes.”

5. This is not the last time you ever get to eat! The food will be there later. You can eat delicious and beautiful food tomorrow too, because you are not starting a diet this year after the holidays!

Repeat after me: “I get to eat delicious and beautiful food every day of the year!”

Get excited! I am excited just thinking about it! I want you to wake up Christmas morning light on your feet from not overindulging the night before. I want you to skip around saying, “I can eat whatever I want! I just don’t want to eat everything anymore! I would rather feel good! I am connecting to my intuition, and that is the best feeling of all!” That will make this the best holiday of all!

Peace on Earth

The word “enlightenment” means “of the spirit”. When you overeat or eat too many overly processed, unhealthy, or sugary foods, you feel heavy and maybe even sick. This keeps you focused on your body and the stresses of this world. You are less likely to notice and be connected with the things that come from spirit in this state. Enlightenment is “light”, bouncy, freedom. Freedom from addictions is true and real and possible for you right now. Lets do this!

I wish you a happy and healthy holidays full of light and spirit. And keep those God Sightings coming!

Love, Light, and Peace with Food,


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