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Who wants to create a more beautiful life?  Do I hear a, “yes please!”?

A more beautiful life must start with more beautiful thoughts.  Believe me, I have experienced some pretty awful thoughts about life.  Those thoughts did not get me anywhere.

My life became more beautiful when I finally created more space in my mind in order to allow more beautiful thoughts to enter.

I am not saying all of my thoughts are beautiful now, far from it.  What I am going to say next is very important!  You do not need all of your thoughts to be beautiful to create a beautiful life!  You just need to create a little bit of room in your mind to allow some more beautiful thoughts in.

THAT, my beautiful friend, is the first step to a more beautiful life.

For those of you who want a percentage, I am going to give it to you.  Five percent.  When you are in a space thinking everything is wrong, clear up five percent of your mind and allow only beautiful thoughts in that 5 percent of your mind.

Let me know what happens!

Please click the link below to watch my NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO about creating this space!   I love you all!  And stay tuned for my 3rd video in this series that will include an amazing offer!

Peace, Love, and Mind Space,


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