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Anything fun planned this summer?  This Vlog tells you how to  you have the funnest (yes, I said FUNNEST) time you can possible have!

Your peace is the most powerful thing that exists!  When you reach it, the possibilities are limitless!

I moved from anxiety and inner-torture to actually being able to have the funnest time of my life wherever I go!   I swear, it is not just about seeing Paul McCartney! (Although for me, that helps.  I used to have huge anxiety attacks at rock concerts!)  Now I am able to have fun at concerts, and I am able to have so much fun doing simple things too!  I want this for you as well!

I hope you have been able to put the first two steps of aligning yourself with The Universe in order to reach YOUR highest light and attract more beautiful things into your life into practice!

Remember step one is changing your energy to an attitude of gratitude.  Step two is making room in your mind in order to allow more beautiful thoughts.  Step three is in this video, and it is ACT on those beautiful thoughts!

It does not matter what that thought is, ACT on it.  If the idea is start a blog, start writing.  If the idea is join a dating website, DO IT.  This idea is a gift from The Universe given to you in the space you created in our mind!  It is up to you to put it into motion!

As it turns out, this is quite fun!  When we are aligned, we are happy and inspired!  Do you want to start your own business?  Make that first step!  Whatever it is you want to do, get it going!

The Universe is guiding you to YOUR highest light by any ideas it gave you in the beautiful space you created in your mind.  Now you must ACT on those ideas!

Click below to watch my Vlog about how YOU can act on your beautiful thoughts in order to create magic and FUNNEST TIMES EVER this summer!


This goes for any English teachers or editors reading this too! 😉  Let go!  It’s fun to type “funnest”!  🙂

And stay tuned for my next Vlog which actually is about letting go and really coming into your own fun.

Peace and Love,

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Photo credit:  Flickr, creative commons, Misty Beck,
fun times 167.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/61370531@N02/5873650907/in/photolist-9X2ZMe-9X6eu1-9X2Pux-7mKkVG-9X2uGe-9X6hnW-cVeLvA-9X2Ge4-9X5oSq-cVeMv3-cK5Y3o-cVeLXQ-8N7fm7-9f6BcZ-5gSYXn-33LwxC-MyJxJm-VepZqu-ahcBzk-qUq4k6-VLpP2h-VGmJcU-4SHJwm-cVeLDL-iv72LB-cVeM9f-cVeLoj-d8AX4N-cVeMj9-cVeLe9-fAp9Gm-4Fn76Q-cVeLMf-8ar7PQ-4TDurW-qt77g-RcRgVb-775Z5B-58otYv-8ZiCLz-9vbsjq-oNAjJr-angCNG-nd1vZM-9FvSoA-aW9nLM-6Adsnb-qemL5q-8LR9cr-8wQwD9