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Do you find yourself worrying?  You are not alone!  The fact is, worry will block spiritual growth.  My most recent VLOG is about releasing your worry and finding support in The Universe.

I talk about how to look for signs the The Universe is supporting you!  It is magical!  Once you know how to find the signs, life becomes so much fun!  Worry will block you from being able to see the signs, so first, you must make a decision:   Worry or support?  What will you choose?  Click the link below to watch the video.

AND, according to The Power Path School of Shamanism, there is a portal that opened on the full moon on August 7 and stays opened until the total solar eclipse on August 21.  This is a time of great energy, and a great opportunity to reset and renew!  Guess what?  I have decided to come out of the portal with pink hair, and I could NOT be happier with my decision!  I have decided it is time to be bold, be brave, be loud, be proud, and have pink hair!

Peace, Love, and Pink,