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Miracles happen when you let go of the past.  In the below video, I talk about how I am historically THE WORST at letting go!  But when I learned to let go, magic started happening in my life.  One of the basic ways I let go is by knowing that everything that has happened and is happening in my life is perfect just the way it is.  Have you ever looked back on a trip or a weekend to realize it was actually perfect?  It was!  You can relax, because this moment is perfect too.  Click below to watch.

I also did an angel tarot card reading for anyone interested at the end of the video.  I asked what was in store for you if you are able to let go of the first thing that comes to your mind (something you feel you need to let go of).   This picture is not very clear, but basically the card on the left is the card in the past.  It says things haven’t turned out the way you wanted in the past, but make sure to not cry over spilled milk.  The second card is for the present and says you have come into your own.  It says there are great opportunities around you if you open your eyes to them.  The third card is the successful self-employment card!  It looks like a lot of success is in store for you if you let go of what no longer serves you!  

Peace, Love, and Letting Go,


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