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Ooopsies!  I missed a week on my blog!  Although I am not apologizing, because I was seeing Paul McCartney for the last leg of his U.S. tour!  It was absolutely AMAZING!  Words or pictures can not even capture it!  It is not ONLY about seeing Paul, but it is also about connecting with the amazing people I have met through this experience.  Also, singing Give Peace a Chance with 20,000 people is hard to capture with words.

Okay, so I am going to catch you up with two videos that you missed while I was gone.  The first video is about removing blocks to abundance.  Most of my clients want to know about how to attract more abundance into their lives.

Abundance is an inside job.  Us Law of Attraction people know that we are our own worst enemies when it comes to abundance.  The first step to having more abundance in your life is noticing the abundance that is already all around you.  Click on the link below to learn more about removing those blocks to abundance.

“The ultimate goal is to manifest our divinity to become one with our creator.”  George Harrison

The second video that you missed is about manifesting.  I talk about an interview I watched with John Lennon and George Harrison.  (Correction in the video – the interview was in 1967 on The David Frost Show, and George Harrison was 24 years old in it).

John and George talk a lot about meditation in this interview.  George mentions “manifesting” a few times during the interview.  He does not talk about manifesting as in manifesting material things (which we hear about so much today).  Rather he talks about manifesting as manifesting The Divine.

If you think about manifesting as constantly leaning toward God/Love/The Divine in your actions and thoughts, life is so good.  See The Divine in everyone you meet.  Find God in everything that lives.  And you will not worry about manifesting anything ever again.

What a relief!

Click on the link below to watch the video!


The video also includes a live reading (pictured above – I am sorry it is blurry, but you can see it on the video).  Basically, it says that there is something in the recent past that you have needed to release (first card).  The second card talks about opening your heart right now to The Divine/God/Love in the people around you.  It also talks about how the month of October is all about maintaining balance (third card).  And the fourth card actually says abundance!  This spread is all about having patience, maintaining balance, and making long-term plans this month for your amazing life!

What can you do this month to maintain a little balance in your life?  It may be cleaning out some drawers, cleaning out your closet, or spending some more time in meditation.  Whatever it is, I wish you peace, love, and balance!  I also wish you many divine encounters!  (Remember every encounter is a divine one).

Peace, Love, Abundance, Manifesting, Balance, and Divine Encounters,


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