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“I am among the ministers of God.”  A Course in Miracles

I ended last week’s post wishing all my readers divine encounters.  I spent a lot of time this week thinking about divine encounters.  Did you know every single encounter you have is divine?  No encounter is more or less important than another.  It is your awareness of the divinity in everyone that determines how miraculous your life is.

In my video this week, I talk about how to be fully present in all of your encounters.  The more you show up for each and every person you meet, the more magical your life is.  The more you are able to see the divinity in everyone, the more aligned your life becomes.

I also talk about how to show up and be fully present in whatever your job is right now.  It is okay to dream for bigger and better things, but the only way you will get there (and actually be happy) is if you fully show up in whatever you are doing today.

I am obviously not perfect.  I do not always remember to treat all my encounters as divine.  I do not always fully show up.  But when I remember to, my life becomes much more magical.  In the below video, I talk about some of those times in my life.

What I realized after watching this video is that I actually talk about two shifts that I had from fear to love.  You know what we call that, right?  A Miracle!    See if you can catch them!  (Click the link below to watch.  Don’t worry, next week I am taping differently, so I won’t have any cut-outs.)  Scroll down below after you watch to read the rest of my post!

The first shift was my experience with the person who was homeless.  I shifted from seeing myself as separate from him (fear) to seeing myself as the same (love).  Words do not quite describe it.  I use the word “thinking” a lot in the video.  But it was not really that I was thinking too much about it.  It was more of a magical feeling.

The second shift was with the housekeeper.  I was feeling fear in that house, and she helped me make the shift to love.  I felt the love that was always there with her help.  She was a “minister of god” indeed.

Finally, this is the card I pulled for my viewers for the week!  King of Fire!  Below is my explanation!

The King of Fire ? ? means that you are ready! You are a leader in your field! Focus on what is important now and leave the little drama behind! The dragon has grown up, and he is BEAUTIFUL! ?  This card tells us to focus on The Divine in everyone, which is the only thing that is really important anyway.  Please do not get caught up in the things that do not matter (self doubt, criticism, fear).  They will only delay you from your goal!  Oh yeah, and it says don’t forget that to use flair that only YOU have! I mean come on, that dragon though? ? (From Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Deck pub by Hay House!)

Peace, Love, Dragons, and Divine Encounters,


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