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Do you have too much to think about?  Please STOP, and take a moment to read this!  It is guaranteed to help you think less and receive more!

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Today we are talking about how to receive more beautiful things. So take a deep breath, forget your worries, and come with me on a journey of receiving.

Last week we went a little deeper into the first step of attracting more beautiful things into your life (from my original video series on the front page of my website) by shifting your energy to an attitude of gratitude. Today we are going to go a little deeper into the second step of attracting more beautiful things into your life, creating space for those more beautiful things.

Recently I was talking to a psychiatrist friend of mine who told me that if his patients are on too many other medications, or even supplements, the receptors in their bodies and brains can get clogged up. Then the receptors are unable to receive the medication that might be helpful to the patient.

It made me think about how, in our lives, we clog our mind, bodies, and physical surroundings up with so many things that we leave no room for the beautiful things The Universe wants for us.

And The Universe wants beautiful things for us!  Repeat after me, “The Universe wants beautiful things for me!”  Make it your new mantra!

The problem is sometimes, we fill our lives with so many things, we cannot receive what The Universe wants to give us.  It is just like when our bodies can not receive the benefits of the medication, because the receptors are too clogged.

Not leaving room for what God/Love/The Universe wants for us can take many forms. Do you fill your body with so much junk food that your body cannot absorb the nutritious foods? Are you too busy trying to control things and thinking about what you want instead of receiving what The Universe wants to give? (If you are worrying too much, then you probably are).  Are you stuck on that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend leaving no space in your life for that awesome relationship that is waiting for you? Is your house full of clutter, so there is no room for whatever new stuff you want?

Only you can know the truth. But ask yourself what you can do to receive the beautiful things The Universe has to offer each and everyday.

This week I was walking out of yoga class, thinking about what I had to do next (go to work), and I totally missed my friend walking by. This is an example of not being available to receive even a smile from a friend. It could be something as simple as this.

Most importantly, if you are caught up in worry, you are not leaving room in your brain to receive the thoughts of God (or Love).

We are very good at giving, but sometimes we struggle at receiving. Are you receiving everything The Universe has to offer you right now? The beauty of nature, a compliment from a stranger, the  smile of a friend. Relish in these things. Get used to receiving. It isn’t selfish. The Universe wants to give you things. You just have to be open to receiving them! Actually, you may offend The Universe if you don’t start noticing!?

Peace, Love, and Receive,


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