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We are obsessed with good feelings in the manifesting community. We know The Universe responds to the feelings that we put out there, so we want to have awesome feelings!  Awesome feelings are, well awesome.  But what about the not-so-awesome feelings?

Click the link below to watch my video on how to handle these not-so-awesome feelings, or keep reading below!

Does this mean we should not feel the not-so-awesome feelings? Absolutely not! It is not bad to feel “bad” (I like to call them uncomfortable, because there are no feelings that are “bad”. All feelings are okay) feelings.

We need to feel uncomfortable feelings so they can move through us. If we try to push them down, they will only push back stronger. Uncomfortable feelings will not kill us. They will make us stronger. We are bigger than our uncomfortable feelings. We are badass, afterall.

All intensely uncomfortable feelings have a beginning, middle, and an end. The middle is the worst part.  This is something I will always remember from learning to work with clients who struggle with self-injurious behavior in my training as a psychotherapist.

This means that all uncomfortable feelings end. The middle is the tricky part. This is when our mind lies to us and tell us things like, “It is always this way.” Remember those absolute statements? A statement using the world “always” is usually false. This is your mind lying. It is not ALWAYS like this. It does get better.

The trick is to get through the middle part of these feelings without doing anything to make our lives worse.  This is when people start to exhibit compulsive behaviors such as overeating, binge drinking, or many other behaviors that make our lives worse.

I have struggled with both overeating and binge drinking.  Neither make your life better.  I use drinking as an example in the above video.  If you go out with people who are drinking, sometimes it takes a split second decision to just say no to that first drink.  If you wait it out, you will notice that your friends are all half-in-the-bag and you can still see straight.  You have total control and can wake up feeling fabulous.  It was just waiting out that first drink.

Sometimes you have to wait it out.  Wait out the craving or the compulsion to do something that you know will not help your life.  If you stop doing things that hurt yourself, you are leaving room for miracles.  Wait it out.  The miracle will come.

So what do we do in the middle of the uncomfortable feeling? We remember this is the middle, it is the worst part, and it will be over soon. Then we do something to make our lives better, not worse. I like to read something spiritual, write something (this is when the best, most heart-wrenching things are written), excercise, or plan something healthy with my future. If you are an artist, this is when you do your art.

I have a client who uses these feelings to create the most outstanding art I’ve ever seen.  The art brings tears to my eyes as I see her characters experiencing feelings that plague the human race.  She is able to express them so well.

The lyric I picture above from Florence + The Machine, Shake it Out is a perfect example of what can be done with dark, uncomfortable feelings.  You can write a song that will suddenly make your life awesome and that dark feeling is transformed into something beautiful.  Notice everyone can relate to those dark feelings.  If you can write or create something to which others can relate, you will turn that feeling into love as you receive a connection with the human race.

Now you know that uncomfortable feelings are not bad. They are fine. Let yourself feel them, so they can move through you. Give them to The Universe, so they can be transformed into something beautiful.

Feelings are not facts. Our minds try to lie to us. We cannot always trust ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings. Thank God for that. When you hand them over to God/Love/Something better, you will never fail. Ask God for help correcting your thoughts, putting yourself in your right mind. When you start feeling relief, you know it worked.

There is a reason why uncomfortable feelings do not last. Think of a sky. The sky is always blue. Sometimes you just can’t see it, because it is covered by the clouds. When the clouds are gone, the sky is there along with all the stars, the moon, the sun. The blue sky never went away. You just couldn’t see it.

Those uncomfortable feelings are like the clouds in the sky. When they are gone, you are left with your clear heart, full of love and joy. That part of you is always there, just like the sky. The pain you feel will never kill the love and joy in your heart just like the clouds will never kill the sky. The sky is eternal, and so is your joy and love. It is the true you.

Don’t be afraid of uncomfortable feelings. See yourself as bigger than them and soon they will be swallowed by the cosmos. You will have less need for them. Your heart shines as bright as the sun on a clear day. Nothing can take that away from you.

Just look at these cards! My blog today is about how all dark feelings have a beginning, middle, and an end, and the middle is the worst. The card reading reflected the lesson perfectly. What do you see in the middle of these cards? “Great sadness. Take time to heal. The need to forgive yourself or others.” And at the end “Release – the end of a phase of situation. Spiritual transformation. Time to move on.” This is the weekend reading for Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It seems that there is some darkness, mystery, sadness, confusing feelings that need to be healed.

Let yourself feel these feelings. Use these feelings to do something to make life better for yourself and others. By Sunday, you are ready to release and move on. It’s important to acknowledge the dark feelings. Do something creative with them, and they will turn into something beautiful for you.

Peace and Love,

Elizabeth and Prudence

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