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Every soul can and should expand.

The Great Wayne Dyer said the only thing your soul needs is room to expand. The soul yearns to grow. Think of how light fills a room.  Like light, when given space, the soul naturally fills the space.

The soul is the part of us that is alive before we are born and will be alive after we die.  It is limitless.  Our bodies house our souls while on this earth.   We are the ones who limit our limitless souls.  Click the link below to watch the video on the subject, or read more below!

We constrict our souls with overflowing todo lists, jobs we do not like, clutter in our houses, clutter in our brains, and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.  How is your soul currently restricted?  How could you give it a little more space?

I will never forget the first time I heard this idea about the soul needing room to expand from Wayne Dyer.  It spoke right to me.  “Yes!” I thought “My soul feels trapped!”  It was a couple of summers ago.  I was working too many hours at a job I no longer enjoyed.  My todo list was overflowing, and it freaked me out every morning.

That summer I had to work hard at getting rid of stuff.  I do not just mean physical stuff.  I worked hard at stopping the madness in my mind.  I stopped doing stuff I no longer wanted to do.  I gave myself space.  I allowed my mind to have more peace.  I planted flowers.  My soul expanded.

When is the last time in your life you were told to take up space? As women, we think we are supposed to be skinny. We hesitate to be too loud or make too many waves. We are afraid of being annoying. We apologize too much. As Marianne Williamson says, we shrink in order to make others comfortable.

What if your light was aloud to shine as bright as it can? What if your energy filled up a room? What if your soul could sore? How would that feel?  Well, it would feel AWESOME.

I am currently in a Master Coach Class with the World Coach Institute.  My awesome instructor, Kathy Burrus, taught us to develop our world view by completing the sentece, “Every ________ can can should ________.”   This statement is part of a Tribewriter course she is taking by Jeff Goins.  This is how I came up with my statement,  Every soul can and should expand.

It is my mission to help as many souls expand as I can.  I am going to be starting a Soul Coaching Group soon!  I am looking for six woman who are looking to get serious about spirituality and get closer to their soul’s purpose!  I know they are looking for me too!

In my six week course, I have specific steps to expanding your soul.  For now, I want you to try a simple meditation.  Sit in silence for five to ten minutes repeating the following mantra, “My soul can and will expand.”  FEEL your soul expanding.  Get tingly.  Imagine magic shooting out of your fingertips.  Pay attention and follow through with the ideas that come to mind of what to take away and add to your life in order to give your soul more room.

Then watch the magic happen in your life as you walk around with your expanded soul!  Say it to yourself  as many times as you can during the day, “My soul can and will expand.”

Please tell me what happens below!  And let me know if you are interested in the soul coaching group, elizabeth@yourhighestlight.com.  There is limited space, and I have a feeling it will fill up fast!  Either way, I can not wait to hear about the miracles you encounter!  Tell me about it!

Here is our weekend reading! My live talk today was about giving your soul room to expand, and this reading goes right along with it. This weekend is all about relationships (the lovers card on the right hand side). For today, the top and bottom left cards are about expanding your soul! Be fearless and free! Use your creativity! Assert yourself! Your soul is limitless! Saturday (middle top and bottom cards) is about realigning with love. Seek out like-minded mentors or friends. Sunday (right top and bottom cards) might bring some conflict with the five of fire. Likely the problem is residing inside of you (your perception). If you forgive that person of their past and see them with the eyes of love, all will be given to you! Be open and free! And remember your mantra, “My soul can and will expand.”

Peace and Love,
Elizabeth and Prudence

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(***Cards pictured above are from Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue’s, Angel Tarot and Gabrielle Bernstein’s, The Universe Has Your Back Deck.  Both Published by Hay House.  The top card “The Magician” is from The Witch’s Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon.)