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“Are you a body?  So is all the world perceive as treacherous and out to kill.” A Course in Miracles

The above quote from A Course in Miracles says it all.  When we identify too much with our bodies, our anxiety is unmanageable.  We are not our bodies.  We are so much more.  We are spirit.

Click the link below to watch the video (with an awesome tarot reading), or read below!

Marianne Williamson and A Course in Miracles talks about living more lightly in our bodies.  When we live lightly in our bodies, we put less demands on our bodies.

When we live lightly in our bodies, we are not filling our brains with harsh thoughts of hate.  We are not filling our bodies with harsh chemicals and medications.  We are gentle with our bodies as we rest in them a while.

Our bodies are alive.  They change daily with fluctuations in hormones.  We know they are affected by the moon and the pulls of the tides.  We need to respect these changes and fluctuations as wonderful signs that we are alive and thriving.

When you think of yourself as a spirit, as a soul, that cannot die, anxiety reduces.  What a relief.  You are connected to the all, to the infinite.

This is not something that can necessarily be proven.  The only way you can know it is through experience.  Through meditation, yoga, and prayer, we connect with this oneness to all.

This also releases pressure off the body, so it can live in harmony with nature.  You are not trying to hold onto anything that is not real.  The body is allowed to be abundantly healthy.  It works better with less pressure!

The body is just like a suit of armor for you to wear for a while during your time here.  You should take care of it.  You can make it pretty if you want.  But do this while knowing it is not YOU.  YOU are not a body.  You were here before your body was here, and you will be here after your body is gone.

Try connecting with something bigger than your body.  Ask, “How can I serve?”  How can you participate more deeply in the dance of life?  Who can you help?  What difference do you want to make while you are here?  Take the attention off yourself, and focus on others.

Sometimes your anxiety is telling you it is time to do something different with your life.  In that case, you should welcome it, as it will make you change and grow.  Change your perspective, and change your life.

And live lightly in your body.  It will thank you.

Pictured above is our weekend tarot card reading!  The Ace of Spring is a perfect card for Friday after we planted our seeds of intention during the new moon yesterday!  Today take action!  Ask your soul what it wants, and do something to move closer to your soul’s purpose!  Saturday you have The World at your fingertips!  This is a very positive Major Arcana card.  On Sunday we have The Queen of Winter!  This card asks us to take some time to declutter our homes!  I have been setting Sunday mornings aside to declutter something in my house, and it feels so great!  This card can also be about leaving behind a relationship that is causing more drama for you than happiness.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend and treads lightly in their bodies.

Peace and Love,



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A Course in Miracles published the The Foundation for Inner Peace.

Animal Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine published by Hay House.