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I know you have felt it too, “How am I going to handle all that food?” (Food Anxiety).  I am here to tell you that you can. Go ahead and book the trip, and brace yourself for the buffet. I am going to tell you how to handle it sanely (and insanely if you choose).

You can watch the video below or just keep reading!


My hubby and I decided to go to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. I decided I want to do it sanely. That means I don’t want to overeat and over drink all day only to be left feeling sick, uncomfortable, anxious, and depressed. Vacations are to be enjoyed. You should feel good while your are there AND when you get home. The age of any type of hangover is over. It is time we start taking care of our bodies, minds, and souls. I do not mean we deprive ourselves of fun. I mean exactly that. We do not deprive ourselves of fun.


I decide I’m going to be sane on this trip. I’m going to eat. I’m going to drink. I am going to do it sanely.

I often think of college, and how it could have been different. If I knew how to manage my anxiety, life could have been great. I could have partied and had fun. I could have done it without gaining 80 pounds. That would have been more fun

My husband and I get to the resort late afternoon, around 2 or 3. We are very hungry after traveling all day. My husband, who normally doesn’t eat much during the day, is starving. We barely unpack. The only restaurant that is opened is the buffet, so to the buffet it is!

Have you ever felt the energy when you walk into a buffet? It’s frantic. People are wandering around with plates of food, their eyes glazed over. I look over at my husband, and he has that exact look. He is gone.

My husband grabs a plate and tries to hand me one. I say, “No thanks. I want to look first.” He does not even comprehend what I mean. He is off filling up his plate with random food as if the place is about to close down and the food will be wrestled out of his hand.

Here is what I do. I do not take a plate. First, I breath. I look around the entire place. It is very overwhelming, because it is big, and there is a lot of food. I ask myself what I really want before I even grab a plate. What really looks good? What probably looks better than it tastes? What am I in the mood for? I have promised myself to take a picture of everything I eat while I’m here to share in my social media story, so that makes me pause even more. I want my plate to look pretty.


There is food hidden in every corner. I decide I want to see every little thing there is. I take my time. I look at all the colors and textures. I think about how I want to feel when I’m done eating. There is much fun to be had. The beach (and my cute swimsuit) awaits.

Finally, I decide the mexican station looks delish. I got two soft tacos with chicken. I put lots of different color salsa on top. Then I go to the salad bar and get all different colors of peppers. I also picked a few red and green tortilla chips, because they are so pretty. No avacado. Darn, but I’ll live.

I sit with my husband who has two plates of food and nothing he really liked (accept the taco he got that was like mine). He eats some of this and some of that. I eat almost everything on my plate, and it was delicious. I am satisified.

My husband wasn’t.

Now we go out to the pool and beach. It is so gorgeous. I love it.


There is a snack bar by the pool. My husband decides he wants a burger. I try to tell him no, but he gets mad. I don’t blame him. I would get made if someone told me no too!

I am a tad worried about him.

Then my husband says the burger was awful, and he couldn’t even eat it.

Next, we go to the bar! I have a craving for an iced coffee. They do not have iced coffee. They kind of laugh at me when I ask. The closest thing they have is a mudslide with coffee liquor. The feeling I get around the bar is strange. I look at all the alcohol, and I have no desire to be part of it. I ask that small still voice within if I want a drink. It tells me no. I didn’t question it. I feel great, and I want to stay that way.

My husband orders a sugary blue drink. And guess what? He doesn’t like it. Too sweet.

I’m sensing a pattern here…

The tacos fill me for a long time, until dinner, and I enjoy the beautiful beach.


My husband (I know I am not making him look good here) decides he wants to stop at the buffet again before we go up to the room to get ready for dinner. I’m not sure what he grabbed this time, oh a piece of steak and something else. I grabbed a teeny little cookie and ate it. Guess what? I didn’t really like it.

We go to the concierge, stop and get me that coffee, and then guess what? My husband lost his phone.

This is not like him. We retrace our steps and find his phone. He is so overwhelmed by the choices at this place, that it is affecting his brain. I try to tell him to breath, relax, be mindful. He doesn’t want to hear it. Neither would I.

Eventually after day 1, my husband totally gets it under control. He said he really thought about my advice. By day 3, he just orders the tacos at the station at the buffet. He is happier. The glazed look is gone.

I am proud to say, neither of us gained weight on this trip.  Compared to our honeymoon, when we each gained 10 pounds at a similar all-inclusive resort, this is super-impressive and way more fun.


I am writing this to help you. If you choose to do an all-inclusive or even go to a buffet, you can do it. Follow these steps.

  • Do not take a plate right away.  Like at everything there before you take a plate.
  • Look around and inspect every nook and cranny. See everything that is there. The food isn’t going anywhere.
  • Notice the colors, textures. How do you want your plate to look? How do you want to feel when you’re done?
  • Eat slowly and mindfully. Enjoy every minute.
  • If it doesn’t taste good at first bite, do not eat it. The second or third won’t taste any better.

I KNOW this will help,

Please contact me, elizabeth@yourhighestlight.com for guidance and support on your spiritual weight loss journey.

Peace, Love, and Buffets,