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Hi there!

Okay, last week was a little deep.  For the next two weeks, we are keeping it light!  We are talking all about angels!  This week is simply about meeting your guardian angles.  Next week, we will cover archangels.

Connecting with your angels keeps your energy light.  It raises your frequency.  Noticing the angels around you is the ultimate divine buzz.  There is nothing like it.

So how do we connect with those guardian angels?  Click the link to watch the video below, or keep reading!


I was always more attracted to the archangels, the head honchos of the angel realm, right?  But when I was trained to read angel cards by Radleigh Valentine, and by reading his book, How to be Your Own Genie, I realized the importance (and the fun) of guardian angels.

Your guardian angel is your divine best friend.  She knows you inside and out.  She has been with you in this incarnation, the one before this one, and will be with you in the next one.  In this life and the next, your guardian angel is your best friend and knows you better than you know yourself.

How do you know you are listening/talking to your guardian angel?  The energy is light and loving.  He gives you helpful advice.   He lets you know you are never alone.  I repeat, you are never alone.

Even at the age of 41, I can feel bullied by friends.  I can feel like an outcast.  I can feel like no one really understands.  My guardian angel is always gentle with me and helps me to see the truth of any situation.

If you feel like you are having a hard time with friends or family or knowing what direction to take in your life, your guardian angel is there to let you know you are not alone and to guide you.  You just need to ask.  Your guardian angel will take your hand and guide you if you let her.  She is there to make you laugh too.

You need to ask your angels for help.  They will never impede on your free will.  So do it now.  Talk to your guardian angel.  Ask for help with something, and be open to receiving the answer.

So how do you figure out your guardian angel’s name?  Just ask!  The first name that comes to you is the answer!  If you need further proof, ask your guardian angel to send you signs that what you are thinking is indeed his/her name.

Most importantly, do not question the name that comes to your head.  This is what I did for a long time.  For some reason, the name Claire kept coming to my mind when I would ask.  I thought I was making it up for almost a year. One day I came across the name about five times making it very clear her name is Claire.

Do you want help getting to know your guardian angel?  Contact me to schedule a coaching session (Please fill out the form below.  Your information is confidential).  Only good things can come from this!  Opening up a conversation and relationship with your angels will move you from fear to love.  You will be more confident in yourself and your choices.  You will be met with a joy you did not know before.

Peace, Love, and Angels,