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Right now the moon is losing it’s light (waning).  During this time, it is best to start leaving behind what no longer serves you.  If you signed up for my meditation calendar, (go to my website, www.yourhighestlight.com, homepage and scroll to the bottom to sign up) you are asked to give something away every day this week.  When you physically give something up, it helps you to energetically release something as well.

What do you energetically want to release?  I have decided to give up comparison and self-criticism.  These are not easy things to give up.  We all know comparing ourselves to others invites misery into our lives.  But what about comparing ourselves to an earlier version of ourselves?  I do not know about you, but I do not want to compare my body, my writing, or anything else to how it was ten years ago.  Some things get “better”.  Some things get “worse”.  It is all in your perspective.  The only thing I know is comparing does not help.

This week my video and what I wrote about are a little different.  You can watch the video for more about how to use the energy of the moon, and read below for more on self-esteem!

“I now choose to view beauty as an energy.  I am no longer available to judge myself or others based on physical attributes.”  Cara Alwell Leyba

In her latest book, Like She Owns the Place, Cara Alwell Leyba talks about how youth is still glamourized in our society.  It is a strong, and sometimes lonely, stance to decide not to criticize your body, your hair, or your face lines.  What if you decided to see beauty differently?

I am not going to lie.  I have obsessed over the lines around my eyes since my early 30’s.  I am now 41.  Is this the life for which I’m destined?  There will be new lines.  Do I have to interpret them with such doom?

No I don’t.  I can choose to see my lines as beautiful.  I can choose to see the energy that surrounds and fills my body as the only thing that matters.

I will always love fashion and style, but on my own terms.  I am in competition with no one, not even myself.  I love this body.  I love this face and welcome any new wrinkle that heads in my direction.  My energy will make my wrinkles beautiful and unique to me and my experiences.  Every sign of aging represents another day on this beautiful planet.  

The same is true for you.  Embrace what makes you different.  Do not try to look young, skinny, curvy, whatever.  It is all so meaningless.  Look like yourself.  Embrace your unique beauty like only you can.

And forget any app that makes your wrinkles disappear!  (Have you ever tried one?  It is scary, because eventually your face is gone.)

I went off on quite a tangent there, but it was meaningful.  When we decide to view things our own way, unlike society, magazines, or plastic surgery companies want us to, it is a spiritual quest.  WE have to come back to our meditation pillow or yoga mats time and time again, because we are bombarded with images day-to-day that brainwash us.

My husband and I never watch regular TV, which means we never see commercials.  When we do see a commercial now, we are amazed at how hypnotizing that McDonalds burger is.  I feel like I was a walking zombie brainwashed by these images in my TV days.

The other day, I was listening to the radio.  I keep hearing this commercial for some kind of leg vein surgery.  This woman kept on saying, “I thought, well now I’m 40!  Par for the course!”  Seriously?  40?  I not only heard this commercial once but over and over and over again.  At first I was mad that she was talking about 40 like it was so old and decrepad.  After a while, I got used to the commercial.  What is this doing to our subconscious minds? 

Turn it off, unplug, meditate, do yoga.  Decide for yourself how you want to view life.  Studies show that women actually feel worse about themselves after reading a women’s magazine.  They are comparing themselves to the images they see, even if their conscious brain doesn’t know it.  If you are feeling anxious or depressed after looking at a magazine, social media, a TV ad, ask yourself why?  Are you comparing?  

“Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists.”  A Course In Miracles

Everything physical about you will change over time.  Do not attach to it.  Picture a beautiful energy surrounding you and going through you.  This energy is you.  And that is all that matters.

Write down what you want to leave behind, and burn it in a fire (safely, of course).  And step into the portal to the new and mentally improved you.  The you who does not judge, compare, or criticize yourself.  The you the world needs right now.

If you want help with your self-defeating thoughts, and becoming the YOU the world needs you to be, contact me for a life coaching session!   Together, we will create miracles!  Fill the form below.  Your information is always confidential

Peace, Love, and No Comparisons,