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Has anyone else been feeling a little iffy lately?  I can’t quite pinpoint it, but it’s emotionally, physically, or even spiritually iffy.  I have been feeling kind of tired and when that happens, I start to question things.

Well, I have to say, welcome to the human experience!  According to https://www.universallifetools.com/2017/12/retrograde-planets-2018/, right now Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are in retrograde!  What this means, in short, is that things are a little intense and unsettling.  If you are human, you are affected by the planets, whether you are aware of it or not.  THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!  

You are a part of the cosmos, and that does not always feel good.  Click below to watch the video or keep reading below.


I have always been a bit of a perfectionist.  I am not overly clean or orderly.  I am more of an emotional perfectionist.  I want to say and feel the right things, and I want other people to do the same.  How ridiculous is that?  “I want to say and feel that right things, and I want other people to do the same?”  How is that even possible and who is to judge what is the right thing to say or feel?  

Okay, we’ll just say I can be overly sensitive. I am a bit uptight.  I can get annoyed easily. 

One time I was obsessing to my mom about how I did not act perfectly in a situation, and she said, “Elizabeth, I like who you are.  Just be who you are.”  I think I had gotten annoyed with someone, and I felt so unspiritual.  She was basically telling me, it’s okay to be annoyed. 


Like, if I never got annoyed by my husband, that would be inhuman, because he is literally at times the definition of annoying. (Okay, not literally but you get my point).

Https://www.the-numinous.com this week talks about how Carl Jung developed the term “shadow” describing any part of us that we feel is unacceptable, bad, or inferior.  

“But the TRUTH is that we all have a shadow. I believe our real spiritual work is identifying and lovingly re-integrating it, and that THIS is the basis for living a ‘high-vibe life’” Ruby Warrington, The Numinous.

Use this time to be gentle with yourself.  Take care.  Be compassionate toward your shadow side.  If you are feeling fear, shame, or guilt, look into it.  Where is it coming from?  Make it your friend.  Make it your teacher.  Then let it go.

We are headed toward a partial solar eclipse and new moon on August 11.  Use this energy to accept your shadow and look forward to the rest of the year with some new intentions.  Do not think your shadow energy means you are less than any possibility!

“You are a teacher of god.   You are not perfect or you would not be here.”  ACIM

At the end of last week, I kept on thinking to myself, I am not getting anything accomplished!  When I sat down and really thought about it, that was not true.  I forced myself to say one thing I accomplished last week of which I was proud and one thing I accomplished this year (remember we are in month 8).

What I am proud of from last week is, I got my first landing page done.  It took time, and I had to wait for responses.  At times things seemed like they were not moving forward, but eventually I got it done.  And this year, I got a new website and my Master Life Coach certificate!  Once I wrote those things down, I felt so much better!

Okay, are you ready for your homework?  Email me elizabeth@yourhighestlight.com one thing you accomplished this past week and this past year of which you are proud!  I asked my Instagram and Facebook friends to play along with me, and anyone who did it reported to feeling so much better!  Sometimes we don’t realize what we accomplish until we really think about it!

Claiming what you have done will get you out of the mindset of lack (I’m not getting anything done) and into the mindset of abundance (look at all I have done)!  And that mindset can totally shift the rest of your 2018.  So play with me!

And remember:

Be gentle with yourself.  Take care.  Be weird.  Be imperfect.  Accept it.  And be a part of the cosmos.

As always, please fill out the form below with any questions!  Your information is always confidential!

Peace and Love,