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I wrote a post on instagram this week that said the following:

“I totally had an “ah ha” moment this weekend when I asked my husband about a time before he was successful.  He said he did not remember a time he was not successful…. (insert lol here). What I meant was before his online business was what it is today. ?

The magic was in his answer though.  He never ever viewed himself as a failure, even when he had ideas that did not work.  He said he has always been a success! ?

I know for a fact that not everything my husband tried before his online business worked.  But it doesn’t matter.  It is his view of himself that kept him going.  We all naturally gravitate towards success. ?

My husband never listened to the naysayers.  He always thought outside the box, and when people told him he couldn’t, he just didn’t listen.  He is a disrupter, a rule breaker. ?

He said when he worked for a company selling phone service, they told him he had  to go to the customers’ houses to make the sale.  My husband said why not over the phone?  They told him because that is not how they do it.  He didn’t listen.  He did it over the phone, and his sales blew everyone away.  When the corporate people came to visit, they asked who was their number one sales person.  When they introduced corporate to my husband, (a long haired crazy hippie) they were amazed.  He continued to blow them away until he was too big to stay there.


Not everyone likes a rule breaker or a disrupter.  This got my husband fired from jobs too.  But what did it matter in the end?  He didn’t belong in those jobs, and they did him a favor by firing him.  Those were successes too.


Start seeing yourself as a success.  Because you are.  You naturally gravitate towards success each and everyday.  Don’t be held back by someone else’s rules or the rules in your own head.  You are meant to shake it up, go beyond the limits. ?

Be wild.


Be free.


Be successful.


It’s who you are anyway.


And I absolute loved Stacey, @moonshadows_snippets response to it.

“Yup I now ask bak “define success?  Or successful according to whom?  Just because someone doesn’t make a lot of money, have a University education, or own all the material things such as a house, new furniture, new car, etc, etc, does not mean the person is unsuccessful!  It just means they have different priorities than what western society’s/commercialism tells us what “success” is.”

Click the link below to watch the video about how you can be a success right now, or keep reading below.


There is a LOT to think about in my post and also in Stacy’s response.  My purpose today is to help you look at success differently and to help you never view yourself as a failure again.

The Daily Om says that at some point the word “failure” might not have been weighted down with so much negativity.  Things aren’t as black-and-white as “failure” and “success”.  How do you feel when you hear the word “failure”?  To me, it feels like the end of the world.

Try eliminating the word “failure” completely from your vocabulary.

In Like She Owns The Place, Cara Alwill Leyba says “Success exists inside us.  Success is a state of being.”

Gabby Bernstein has an entire business training called, “Success is an inside job.”

I want you to start thinking of yourself as a success no matter what, because you are.  Try this mantra:

“I now see myself only as a success.  I am totally unavailable to view myself in any other way other than successful.  My success does not depend on anything outside of me.  Success is running through my veins in my god-given blood.  Success is who I am.


Remember tomorrow (Saturday) is a new moon and a partial solar eclipse.  This is the perfect time to step into a new life.  And guess what?  A life coach is perfect for helping you do that!  Please fill out the below form for a free consultation to work one-on-one with me!  All of your information is kept confidential as always!



Below are also the cards I pulled for the week and an explanation!

It was so amazing to pull these two cards today, especially given the new moon ? tomorrow.  The moon is a feminine card.  It asks us to look at the emotions we are having instead of covering them up.  Do not deny whatever it is you are feeling.  The moon is often a quite moody card for me.  It might bring up old feelings that you thought you conquered. (Weren’t we here before?). There is nothing to fear.  Look for the beauty in those feelings.  This is a time of heightened intuition and psychic ability.  Let go of worry and see a situation for what it is.  I also love Gabby Bernstein’s card, “Hope is the conduit for miracles.” Find some hope in your situation, and you will be open for the miracles at your fingertips. Ask Archangel Jophiel if you are struggling finding hope.  She helps beautify and uplift your thoughts.  (The first card is Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine.  The second card is The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein both published by Hay House). 

Peace, Love, and Sucess