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How has everyone’s week been?  I do not know about you, but mine has been up and down.  If there is one thing that I have learned from my spiritual journey, it is this:

Happiness is a CHOICE!  

It used to drive me crazy when people would tell me this, so please hear me out.  Watch the video below to find out how to choose happiness, or keep reading!

I know “Happiness is a choice” sounds so cliche, but it is so true.  Only when you truly realize the power of this statement do you gain control over your life.  And the extent to which you realize it is the extent to how happy you can become.   

Knowing that happiness is a choice will not get you anywhere.  You must believe and live it.  That is when the magic happens.

Things in this world will never be perfectly how you want them to be.  People will not act or say the things you want them to every time.  Your hair is not going to be perfect every day.  The little irritants will be there.  How much power are you giving them?

When you are in a high vibe, those irritants are still there.  You just don’t notice them as much.  They seem less important.  You are not obsessing.

Hear what I am saying.  YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR VIBE!

This is great news!

I used to think I was a victim of my feelings (still do at times).  I used to think that if I woke up anxious or in a bad mood, I was screwed for the day.  This is so not true.  This is the lie the world of fear would have you believe.


The next time you feel yourself in a low vibe of worry, obsessing, irritability, etc., witness it.  Recognize that you have detoured into fear (as A Course in Miracles would say), and choose again.  This time choose love.

Say it out loud:

“I recognize that I have detoured into fear.  Now I choose again.  This time I choose love.”

After you say the above statement out loud, realize what it is you are thinking that is keeping you in a low vibe.  Are you thinking in all-or-noting terms?  You probably are.  Choose a higher vibe thought than the one you are thinking.  Such as:

“Everyday, every moment is a new opportunity.  I can choose now to shift to love.  Anything is possible.  I open myself to miracles.” 

Love is expansive.  It does not obsess.  It does not criticize.  Love feels huge.  Judgment feels small.  With your love you can change the world.  With your judgement, you can do nothing.

You can download the voice of God at anytime.  You can also download the voice of fear.  The voice of fear is always available for a download.  What are you downloading?  

You must have a spiritual practice if you want to stop downloading the voice of fear.  There must be place you can go where things are simpler in your mind, a place where you can go visit God for a while.  Start by setting aside 10 minutes a day to go within.

If you need help with a meditation practice, enter your name on my website for my email list (or email me if you are already on my list and didn’t get one), and I will send you your free six week meditation calendar.  It will help you choose again.  It will help you choose love this time.

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Remember, you are meant to be happy.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  The time for tears is over.  It is time to get going.  It is time to live.  It is time to love.  It is time to laugh.


Peace and Love,