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This card (from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radeligh Valentine published by Hay House) has a worried little fairy girl looking out the window.  The card says “Unfounded fear.  Focusing on worst-case scenarios.  Allowing worry to grow out of proportion to the problem.”

Does anyone else relate to this card?  I feel like it about sums up my life.

I have good news, though, for the worriers out there.  Your worry is a superpower!

Watch the video below to learn more, or keep reading!

I am going to start with a personal story of worry.

In 2006, I earned my counseling license.  For my 29th birthday that year, my parents gave me my first smartphone.  I was so excited. I felt so official and professional.  

Around the same time that year, I went to the doctor and was given a diagnosis that I was sure would ruin my life.  Can anyone guess what happened when I was diagnosed with a disease along the same time I got my first smartphone?  Google city.  I was a wreck.

Suddenly, I found myself up all night googling what was wrong with me.  My anxiety level went up about 50 percent.  I got my work email on my phone at the same time.  I now could check my work email in the middle of the night if I wanted to.  (Why would I want to?)

I really went to the “dark side” (the crazy place) with this diagnosis. I drove everyone I knew crazy.  I couldn’t believe I was told I have something that I could never get rid of.  I liked to control my wellness, and this was out of my hands.  Still, I researched and researched and became more and more anxious.

I will never forget one day my mom said to me, “Elizabeth, I just think it’s not a big of a deal.  I think someday you will not even think about it anymore.”  Tada!  That flipped the switch for me.  Wait, I could just not put so much attention on it?  Maybe that would help?

So I stopped paying so much attention to it.  I made it less of a big deal.  Until one day I did not even think about it.  And guess what?  Another doctor tested me for it last year, (something I was told I would have forever) and the disease magically went away. I no longer had that diagnosis.

This is the second time in my life I have been given a lifetime diagnosis that eventually goes away.

What is my point here?  

Do not focus on your illness so much.  Focus on your wellness.

Do not focus on what can go wrong.  Focus on what can go right.

To what are you giving too much attention?  

Anything that is causing fear in you is not real.  10 years later, I still have my counseling license.  I still have my cell phone.  But my illness was never real.

Do not let your worry grow out of proportion to the problem.  Problems can be solved.  And you can handle anything as it is happening.  What you can’t handle is every possible scenario that you are making up in your head.

You have no need to worry.  You have every right to be grateful for the present and to imagine an amazing future.  Stop and give your attention to everything that is going right this minute.  We have 1000 things that go right everyday.  Why are we paying attention to what goes wrong?



i have good news if you are a worrier. 

Worrying is a super power.  It means you have the ability to make something small very big.  You have the ability to make something out of nothing.  What if you used that ability in a way that made your life more magical?

Start now be obsessively finding everything that goes right in your life.  For the next 30 days, keep a journal of everything that goes right.  Find things you love about your spouse, your appearance, your job, your life.  Write down everything.  I am going to do it with you.

You have the potential to change your DNA, change your vibration, change your energy.  Obsess over what can go right!  

And lastly, the cell phones.  Put them away.  Checking cell phones too much ignites the worry chemicals.  It does something to our brains that makes us want to check over and over and over again.  If you find yourself in this pattern, ask yourself, what do I expect this cell phone to give me?  What do I want from it? Chances are you are looking for something it can’t give.  Put it down.  Sleep with it in a separate room.  

Please start your “What Goes Right” journal with me today!  I want to hear from you?  Are you going to try it?  Let me know how it goes!

From one worrier to another, you are not alone.  Life can be better.  You CAN change your mind.


Peace and Love,


(Second card pictured from Gabby Bernstein’s, The Universe Has Your Back Deck published by Hay House).