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My husband and I are back from our vacation to see Paul McCartney in Quebec!  It was simply amazing.  Quebec City is beautiful, and I was able to remember my love for the french language!  Not to mention, my husband and I both got to touch Paul McCartney’s hand the day we got there!  It was crazy!  If you are my friend on Facebook, you can check out the millions of pictures I have from the trip!  And if you are not my friend on Facebook, what are you waiting for?  Send me a friend request!

For now, here are a few pics of our trip:



Whenever I go on vacation, I learn to trust my intuition once again.  It is like traveling to a new place shakes up my brain a bit.  I am able to think higher thoughts.  I have more time/space to ask before acting.  

Check out the video below on how to check in with that helpful voice that is in your head (and lose your inner-mean-girl) or just keep reading!



Asking is the one thing I want you to remember about connecting to the proper voice inside your head.   You will never know unless you ask.  When I am calm, and I ask, and the answer comes.  


The next thing you must do in order to connect with your intuition is listen.  Remember to ask about any decision that feels important – what to eat, what to wear, when to go, etc.  And then listen for the answer.  You can’t expect to hear an answer if you do not listen.  


There is a difference, though, when I am on a vacation where i am seeing Paul McCartney.  About a day before I go to the concert, there is much excitement in the air.  This excitement can soon turn to anxiety.  This is when my intuition gets turned off, and my ego (the part that edges god out) gets turned on.

This is when I check in with my intuition and start getting the answer “no” multiple times.  For instance, “Should I dye my hair pink?”  No.  “Should i wear this dress that stands out?”  No.  “Should I bring a sign to the show that draws attention to myself?”  No.

I start to feel very anxious, and I suddenly I realize it is fear (or the ego) talking, not my intuition.  

How do you know it is your intuition?

Your intuition will not cause you to feel fearful or anxious.  Your intuition comes from a calm place.  Even if your intuition is telling you to get out of the way so you do not get hit by a bus, fine.  There’s no reason to freak out about it.  Just do it.

Your ego will lie to you and tell you it is keeping you safe when it is just keeping you small.  My ego always tells me not to dye my hair pink.  It thinks it’s doing it from a place of protection when it is really from a place of fear.

Whenever we are about to do something big, exciting, or scary, our ego will start talking loudly.  It will try to tell you it’s keeping you safe.  It will tell you you better just go along with the crowd or you will make a fool of yourself.  It will start to say things like who do you think you are?  It will tell you that people don’t like you, that everything will not be okay.

I use a hilariously extreme example in my video.  It makes me laugh now!  When my husband and I were called on stage at a Paul McCartney concert (about three years ago now), my ego tried to get me.  It told me that Paul McCartney was mad at me!  LOL!  This is how ridiculous the ego can be!  Now, this was a total lie.  Paul McCartney was NOT mad at me.  He was very sweet to me when we were on stage.  Not to mention, he was not really thinking about me that much.  He had a couple other things going on that night!   But that was my ego’s way of keeping me small and telling me I did not belong on that stage.  The ego is insidious.  Thank god that night
I was able to put it in it’s place.

There is a mean girl inside your head.  She’s a total bitch.  I think mine’s name is Chastity.  What is your mean girl’s name?  How do you know when she is talking?


Say your ego is going nuts, and you do not even know what to do.  Its fine.  Stay calm.  There is another voice inside of you.  Your ego WILL shut up.

Take a deep breath and find the voice that tells you everyone loves you and everything is going to be okay.  Find the voice that keeps you calm.  It is there.  It is your friend.  It will tell you better things.

Even if there are people out there who think or say bad things about you, the percentage is small compared to the entire population.  When you are excited or stressed, your survival instincts kick in and makes this seem like a big deal.  It isn’t.  The truth is, even they love you at their highest selves.  Only love is real anyway.

Find the voice that is calm and expansive.  Find the voice that tells you its is safe to take risks and be yourself.  Find the voice that is your friend.  It will take you further than you can even imagine.  It’s power is behind words.  

Next week we will talk more about manifesting.  We will begin where we left it, “STAY CALM.”

I can’t wait!  I will see you then!