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Hi Everyone!  Long Time No See!  I am here today to talk to you about some of the awesome and amazing changes that are coming to my business in order to serve you better! 

Yes, I decided to get it together and hire a business and life coach myself!  I am telling you, it was super scary, because I had to commit to pay a lot of money (more about how i got through that later), but I am not regretting it at all!  Jamie King is shaking up my world and business just as it should happen! 

I even had my first photo shoot!  This was something I was so scared to do!  I am so happy I did it though! Thank you to Kimberly Fields Photography and Framing in West Chicago, IL.  All the photos in the post are credited to Kimberly Fields Photography!

Okay, you can click below for the videos about the changes coming (and how to stay true to yourself through changes), or just keep reading! There are two videos, because the fairies were playing with my internet connection!    



Okay, now for the changes!

1.  Free Spirit Friday is changing days!  I am looking for any recommendations, but I am am honestly thinking of changing it to Motivation Mondays!  What do you think?  1:11 pm CST?

2.  I am offering a FREE 4 part manifesting training right now!  I am getting awesome feedback from this already!  Someone just messaged me today who manifested money from the training so far!  Just sign up for my email list at the bottom of this page to make sure you receive this training!  I have more trainings coming!

3.  My website is changing a bit.  I am adding a shopping cart and will be selling different angel card and life coaching packages along with other inexpensive trainings.  Stay tuned for more about that!

4.  I am now a doTERRA Essential Oils wellness advocate!  I am SOOOOO excited about this anouncement!  When you incorporate these oils into your healing; your body, mind and life change.  More to come on this soon too, but for now, click here  to like my Facebook page and get updates!   Also follow me on Instagram @scentofanangeldoterra!

Okay, those are the main changes! All you need to do for now is make sure you are on my email list (link) and go like and follow my essential oils pages!

What does this all mean to you?  It means I am getting my act together, so I can serve you better.  I am getting organized, so I can offer you more trainings and help you implement things that will really help you to create a more beautiful life.  That is my mission.

I have been talking a lot in my posts recently about why I left the counseling field.  I have been pretty raw and completely open about my reasons for leaving.  I have never been this honest.  The feedback I am getting is, people are appreciating my honesty.  

I am not posting this stuff to please anyone though.  I am hoping to connect with the people who truly connect and need my message.  If this is not you, that is okay.

I have talked about “the curse of the medical model” and how I feel the therapeutic model of diagnosing mental illness is actually keeping people sick and stuck.  But I also talk about how i am very thankful for my background as a psychotherapist, because it makes me a better equipped life coach.  I believe i have the best of both worlds.  While I believe in the life coaching model, that humans are whole and complete just the way they are.  I also have the benefits of knowing counseling techniques that actually work to change thoughts and build a better life.

More of this to come too! 

It has not been easy for me to speak my truth.  But I believe in my message, so I will continue.  I hope it encourages you to do the same.  

Be real.  Be messy.  And be human. 

I will see you back here soon.

Your Fab Life Coach,